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Title Web-FTP
Platform Unix
Price Free (GPL)
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Website Visit Website of - Web-FTP
Category Perl & CGI » Scripts and Programs » File Manipulation » File Management
Hits 603
Description web-FTP is a web interface to the FTP daemon. It supports multi-file downloads, uploads directory creation and deletion, file moving and deletion, and modification of permissions. Other common operations are possible and could be implemented without much fuss. web-FTP runs farily quickly and, speed aside, does not let the Web 'get in the way' of file management tasks. web-FTP is more secure than regular FTP if it is used in conjunction with an SSL-enhanced web server to access the machine it is being hosted from. It requires the Net::FTP module.


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Scripts Related to - Web-FTP

Script Name


Missy is jammed packed with features that will help you easily and effectively manage your files online. Great for accounts that do not have ftp access, or for people on the go. With Missy's intuitive and easy to understand web manager, you could easily change your website structure in a matter of minutes. Main Features include: password protection, create multiple directories, delete multiple files at once, rename, chdir, move or copy files and directories, file browser, edit and create new files, chmod, zipping utility, upload files from your hard drive, and much more... Missy is a great addition for any webmaster novice to experienced.


WWW-FTP is an HTML/CGI package that makes it easy to connect to any FTP host on the Web. Once connected, you can browse the directories, download files, and upload files (if you have privileges on the FTP host to do so).

Control Panel

Control Panel is an easy to use web site administration program for Unix servers. It allows your users to create, edit, upload, delete, and rename files. It also allows your users to add and remove e-mail accounts. They can add POP and Alias accounts, and also add ftp and telnet access to POP accounts.

Bennie Webdesign File Browser

Use this simple file browser to explore the contents of your server directories. It'll show every file available and give you statistics like filename, filesize, chmod status and modification date.

Archive It!

Features include: Creation of standard ZIP archives, You can use any of the popular desktop ZIP applications to restore your files, individually or as entire directories, Choice of Directories and Files which should be archived, All subdirectories within chosen directories are included in the archive, Ability to choose the number of past archives which are saved, Oldest archives are automatically deleted and replaced with newer archive, Password protection so that only you can run the Archive It! script, Automatic saving of selected Directories and Files, and The next time you run Archive It! your chosen Directories and Files will automatically be ready to be archived.




Ez-SiteAdmin is a replacement for FTP and Telnet for your users, all from the comfort of the Browser. Users can make folders, create new files, upload files, delete files, or folders and edit their files all via their browsers. It is sold to qualified ISP's and resellers only.


nobody.cgi is a simple Perl script that you can use to execute commands as user:nobody. Do you have a message board, counter or any other script on your server that generates files? Have you ever tried to manually edit one of these files? You may have noticed that you can't because you don't own the file - user:nobody owns the file and you can't edit it. By installing nobody.cgi on your server, you can execute commands with user:nobody's permissions, which means you can create, delete, view, modify and change permissions on files owned by user:nobody.

Zone Coaster's EditPage

EditPage allows multiple users to edit web pages and upload media files through their browser windows rather than through the use of a server-based text editor or by downloading, editing and uploading via FTP.

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