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Title WaveScroll
Platform n/a
Price Free Demo/$15
Author Visit Author Website
Website Visit Website of - WaveScroll
Category Java » Applets » Scrollers
Hits 593
Description WaveScroll is an easy to install wave scroller. It features: Support both vertical and horizontal scrolling, Independant font file is supported, Configurable WaveSpeed, Frame per second, Wavetypes, JDK 1.02 Compatibility, and more.


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Scripts Related to - WaveScroll

Script Name


This is an easy to configure vertical text scroller. It allows you to configure Scrollspeed, font size, font face, background and front color, bold, italic, and more.

Silly Scroll

SillyScroll is an attractive lightweight applet featuring 5 slick text effects. Scroll your text from left to right, right to left, or vertically. You can even fly your text in from the bottom, or have each letter start small then quickly grow to its proper size.

Applet Newsflash Composer

Applet Newsflash Composer is a Java Applet that can be used to announce the message in the home page. With Applet Newsflash Composer, you can make a interactive newsflash applet just in minutes. Features include: WYSIWYG, Configure applet parameters using GUI, All applet parameters and HTML codes be generated automatically Highly customize, Pre-made templets, Preview the applet you designed without quit the program, and Specified which web browser will be used to preview.

Type Writer

This is a high quality type writer Java applet. It allows you to display text messages in a type writer style and scroll the message vertically. It is easy to use and configure.

Scroll Text

This is a basic horizontal text scrolling applet. You can configure text font type and size, color for background and foreground, and its support a hyperlink.


TinyBB is a vertical scroller that displays one message at a time. Any message can be associated with a link and clicking on the applet will take you to the link associated with the current message. You can control the default font, font size, font style, link font, link font size, link font style, scroll speed, pause between lines, foreground, link and background colors. You also have up to 100 lines and links to play with.


tinyType is yet another Java class designed to spice up your web page. tinyType will continuously scroll lines of text in a typewriter style. Features include: Adjustable foreground and background colors, an optional background image, configurable speed, font type, font size and more.


tinyScroller is a vertical text scroller. Features include: Adjustable foreground and background colors, an optional background image, configurable speed, font type, font size and more.

Sinewave Scroller & Sprites

Here is a relatively small and basic applet for a sine wave scroller. In addition, the user can specify a background logo and even add sprites to rotate around the text and background. The number of sprites can be user-defined as required.

Free Scrolling Text

This Java applet will provide an animated look and feel to your web pages by allowing you to scroll text. It has several configurable parameters including: Background Color, Title, Font Size and Style, Text Color, Border Width and Color, Scroll Speed, and Display Time.

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