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Title Watch Dog 2
Platform n/a
Price Free
Author Visit Author Website
Website Visit Website of - Watch Dog 2
Category Perl & CGI » Scripts and Programs » Web Traffic Analysis
Hits 567
Description Watch dog is a logging system done using an image tags. It gets ip, host, browser,and date. This one is a little more complex by using hidden images.


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Scripts Related to - Watch Dog 2

Script Name

Page Statistics

This script enables you to count multiple pages and makes up a full statistics of all your webpages. A complete overview of all your pages can be made with this script. It reports not only the page hits, but also such detail information as domain names the visitors came from, and what types of browsers they used. This script uses an IMG tag to log hits on your page and hence doesn't require SSI.


This is a small CGI script that simply shows your visitors information like IP address, browser types, etc.

Log Tools

CounterLog, AgentLog and RefLog are designed to let you create (if necessary) and analyze NCSA-format agent and referer logs, so you can easily keep track of what browsers and operating systems your visitors are using and what pages are directing them to yours. CounterLog also allows you to put text-based access counters on some or all of your pages.


Designed for webmasters/sys-admins, Viewlogs is a nice utility that displays the systems httpd-error.log and httpd-access.log files through Web browser.


Statomaker combined with the counter script, allows you to maintain very good statisticals of your visitors and their behaviour on your Website (total unique visitors (not hits) as well as information specific to: daily, os, browser and referer stats.


This script logs your Web page hits and e-mails you (or any email address you specify) every day. It can also send a short message to your text pager.


Reciprocator is a neat script that will allow you to keep track of where people come from to your site - even if you don't have access to standard log files. This script can be called either with SSI or as a picture. All links are shown decreasingly, based on their hits, along with a notification if a hit was generated today.


This is a Perl script that analyses WWW logfiles for such visitor information as: most commonly used ENTRY points into the website, most commonly used EXIT points from the website, most commonly used TRANSIT points from the website, most commonly used HIT & RUN points from the website, most frequently followed internal LINKS, average DURATION of each visit, average number of PAGES viewed PER VISIT, average TIME SPENT on each page, path of the LONGEST VISIT, etc.

Website Reporter

Website Reporter is a professional website statistics package designed for all sites that need statsistics, but don't want to wait for updates and have to put up with preset reports. Perfect for virtual domains and sites with limited space. WR is different from all other packages because it gives you up-to-the-minute statistics that you control instead of stats that are only updated weekly or monthly to a preset format.


WebLog is a comprehensive access log analysis tool. It allows you to keep track of activity on your site by month, week, day and hour, to monitor total hits, bytes transferred and page views, and to keep track of your most popular pages. It can also print out secondary reports to track "user sessions," showing the paths taken through your site by your visitors and giving you a rough idea of how long they spent looking at your pages, and to provide you with information on referring sites, the search engine keywords which brought your visitors and the agents and platforms they used while visiting.

Google Search


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