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  • Webmatic applets - Free with Webmatic package
    Offers a few customizable applets with visual effect (39 applets) (rain, starfield, plasma, magicfade, snow, water, starscroll, burn, cross effects etc.), you also can create menus for your website and transiction effects. Added new applet effect: Starscroll, Water, Fireworks and now you can set the scroll text y position in all the applets. Added new applets and code generator for all the applets. Version 1.33 offers 2 new applets: Pixelize and Waterfall. Version 1.34: added 2 new applets, Light and Flood effects. Version 1.35: added 4 new applets, Scrollfade, Flag, Scroll and Clock (the applet clock show a customizable analog clock). In version 1.36 added Rainmenu (first applet of the menus series).<br> Webmatic applets 1.37 released, in this release added 7 menu applets (25 applets in total), now you can create your personal menu for your website with some effects in the background.<br> <b>Release 1.38, 30 applets in total</b> added applet lake, lakemenu, zoomfade, festoons e festoonsmenu.<br> <b>Release 1.39, 32 applets in total</b> added applet Plasma and PlasmaMenu, also added a lightning effect for rain and rainmenu applets.<b>Release 1.4, 34 applets in total</b> added applet Clouds and CloudsMenu, with that applets you can create visual effects like fog, smog and scrolling clouds.<br><b>Release 1.41, 36 applets in total</b> added transition effects applet Burn and Appear.<br><b>Release 1.42, 37 applets in total</b> added applet
  • Wavefade applet - Free with webmatic package
    This applet can show a wavefade image transition effect between two images.
  • DS Applets
    DS Applets is a collection of 128 cool Java applets (fire, snow, rain, lake, fog, water, lightning, bumpmap, lens, rotate, swirl, ripple, light, clouds, roll, tunnel, scroll, spheremap, cubemap, fireworks, cylinder, pageflip, stars, voxel, crossfade, dissolve, wormhole, explode, wobble, scale, pixelate, dust, blur, shear, filter, plasma, wave, fade, 3D, explosion, blobs, warp , menus and more). Each applet is interactive and includes a HTML code generator that allows to change parameters without any knowledge of Java and HTML programming.
  • Spotlight Banner - $19.99
    Create fantastic eye-catching lighting effects with Wibbleware's Spotlight applet. - Up to ten spotlights roving around your banner - Set each spotlight moving along any one of eight different paths - Faster page loading times with the built-in magnification feature
  • Magicfade applet - free with webmatic package
    This applet can show varius "magic" fade transition effects between images. You can set te transition speed and the transition fade effects (like circle, oval, star and more...)
  • Webmatic Lake - Free with Webmatic package
    This applet show a customizable lake effect for any image.
  • Webmatic Zoomfade - Free with Webmatic package
    This applet can show a fading and zooming transition effect between two images, you can select the zoom direction and the speed of transition effects .
  • Webmatic LakeMenu - Free with Webmatic package
    You can build your personal webmenu (horizontal or vertical) with a lake effect in the background, you can change the lake color and the lake speed .
  • Webmatic fireworksmenu - Free with Webmatic package
    This applet can show some fireworks menu effect over any image, you can build your personal web menu using a html code generator (you can use this applet to improve your website).
  • Webmatic Festoons - Free with Webmatic package
    This applet show some festoons effects over any image, you can change the festoons shape and the festoons color.
  • Webmatic FestoonsMenu - Free with Webmatic package
    You can build your personal webmenu with a festoons effect in the background, you can change the festoons shape and color .
  • 3D Objects Viewer Applet - Free (GPL)
    This Java applet allows you to view 3D objects (dodecahedrons to X-Wings) with shading, spinning in space. Rotation can also be controlled with the mouse. Good example for learning 3D math.
  • Webmatic Water - Free with webmatic package
    This applet can show some water visual effects over any image (surfing, drop, sea ...). Added Surfing mouse option.
  • Snowfall - FREE
    Snowflakes are falling on your picture...
  • Andrey's Applets Set - FREE
    Cool applets set with 9 different applets. Fire simulation with 6 different kinds of flame. Also lens, picture morpher, waving flag, realistic bumpmapping and unusual snowfall applets inside. You can insert your own picture into any applet!!! All absolutely FREE.
  • Webmatic snow - Free with Webmatic package
    Snow effect with an image in the background and two levels of "snow".
  • Webmatic fire - Free with Webmatic package
    Transparent fire effect with an image in the background with some tint of flames.
  • Webmatic turnpage
    This applet shows a turn page effects between two images, there is two kind of turnpage effect.
  • Webmatic fade
    This applet shows some fade effect between two images at the speed you want.
  • Webmatic SnowMenu - Free with Webmatic package
    You can create your personal menu for your website with some snow effect and an image in the background.

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