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  • Clubware - Free for non-commercial use
    Clubware is the core module for a complete community management system. This core module provides for the control of the community membership and the main access module for all administration functions and reports for the entire Clubware system. It is free for non commercial use. Commercial users should request a commercil license from the developer
  • Map-cache - $15
    Map-cache enable users to quickly find and download game maps. Ideal for community gaming sites and clans. Supports all games. Fully Configurable: Change everything from thumbnail sizes, download categories and default display category's to background images and table colours using an intuitive centralized password protected admin system. Features: Database Driven page creation; Map Download stats; Editable Display Options; User Download Info page; Template Driven; Config Back-up/Restore; User Search Facility; Password protected Admin Area; Easy website intergration.
  • Free Hoster - $400
    This complex script allows you to create your own free hosting service. It supports subdomains/custom domain names, ADS supported and/or AD-free accounts, files uploading via FTP or web interface.
  • Vlinto - Commercial
    With Vlinto, you can allow your users to design and run their pages inside a usef-friendly web interface - uploading and downloading multiple files at once, creating their own subdirectories, communicating with the server administrator (with Messaging), and editing their html (with the Page Wizard). The messaging system allows you to communicate with your users directly, without having to resort to e-mail. Vlinto also contains a wide range of security features, making the system safe and abuse-resistant. It includes the ability to set file space or bandwidth quotas for users, delete users, or login as users, all inside the same fluid interface. Vlinto's interface is based entirely around skins, making it easy to customize and modify the program's looks to your tastes, so as to give Vlinto a look unique to your business.
  • Community Link pro - $900
    Community Link pro is a Perl-based package that allows you to run a virtual community on your website where users can create unlimited clubs. This package includes chat, instant messages, profiles, clubs, picture boards, message boards, and more.
  • Mill Road Site Builder - $49
    This is a Perl program that allows you to give your visitors a free website. It includes 3 layout options plus an HTML editor, Graphics Library, and a built-in mailing list.
  • Easy Home Site Generator - Free
    Allow your users to create their own website at your site. Each user will be able to edit text, fonts, background colors, navigation menu as well as clip art choices. The script is a modified version of EZHomepage now supporting multiple pages.
  • LibWeb - Free (GPL)
    LibWeb is a Perl library+toolkit for building community web site+applications from scratch quickly. Features include: members and sessions management (authentication via cookies); concise, database independent and easy to use database API with optional MySQL support; template-driven, dynamic HTML page generation without using PHP/ASP/SSI/Javascript; HTML widgets and themes; and installation does not require root privilege.
  • Elite Web Page Builder - Free
    Elite Web Page Builder is a Perl-based program that allows you to create your own Geocities-like virtual community where you can give out webpages to your visitors. The admin is very customizable and you can specify home directories, quota's, valid file extentions and much more.
  • LEAPs - Free (GPL)
    LEAPs (LibwEb APplications) is a suite of plug-and-play community web site applications written based on the interfaces and frameworks defined in the Perl library/toolkit--LibWeb. Currently it has a file-manager and will have instant messaging, chat, etc. in the future.
  • WebMaker Plus - $100
    The WebMaker Plus Suite will allow you to provide users with websites that they can create, edit and remove, without prior knowledge of HTML or UNIX commands. Template files can be created by the website administrator. Users, in designing websites, may select a template from which to build each page. File upload-capable browsers may be used to upload gif images for display on webpages.
  • EditPage Pro - $150
    EditPage Pro is a comprehensive multi-user website management package written in Perl. Key features include: Web-based administration including user authentication, support system and user disk space allowance management, File management, File upload function, Perl script debugging function for users, Template file capability to speed file creation, User registration system, and much more.
  • Total Date CGI - $1,500
    This CGI program allows you to create your own complete dating site. It features: Join service, Preferred membership service, Admin service, Login service, Profile service, Home page service, Greetings service, Locate service, Favorites service, Polls service, Chat service, and more.
  • Distributed Home Pages List - Free
    This little CGI program allows you to centralise users' home pages on different web servers by scanning the user's directory and linking their home pages from different sites into one. It requires the LWP Perl library.
  • Duma Photo Gallery System (DPGS) - Free
  • WebTools 2000 Community Website Programming - $395
    Have you ever wanted to supply your clients with a "Community" type system where they can go and create their own free webpages just by accessing your site on the web Similar to Geocities/Tripod, you can do this now with our Community Website System. Our Full-Featured Community Website System lets your clients just type into provided spaces located on your site, and then their words, and images chosen become a real webpage.
  • Webpage Generator - $49.95
    Webpage Generator is a CGI program which can generate and host Websites instantly based on the data submitted from a standard input form. It features: Instant Homepage and Order Page generation, Your own Header, Footer and Counter can be added to each generated Webpage, New Webpages are listed first, You can define your own hosting plans, A search engine is provided for searching the registered Webpages, A Webpage deletion utility is provided, and Automatic e-mail notification when a new Webpage is generated.
  • Easy Home Page Generator - Free
    This script allows your visitors to be able to create (and edit) their own web pages at your site. Each user will be able to edit text as well as clip art choices. EZHOMEPG also includes a starter set of clip art images for splash graphics, backgrounds, horizontal separators, bullets and animated email icons so there are more choices available for creating a wide variety of homepages.
  • Ultra HTML - $900
    Ultra HTML is fast and very easy for users to set up a web site. The users will select a Template, log-in, and with just a few mouse clicks and filling in a simple form, they have their first page. The user pages are automatically Linked together by the program, and the User Menu lists all the user pages with a link and a short description of the page. It also features a unique Web addresses for each user (ie., complete file management via the browser, advanced page editor, and complete administration via the browser.
  • EZ HTML II - $200
    EZ HTML II is a very easy to use, fill in the blanks format, Multi-User Web Page Creator. EzHTML II is perfect for the novice user to allow them to create their first pages. EZ HTML II stores the user pages in a database file. Once the user has filled out all the information and made their first page, when they come back to edit their page all the origional information is in the fields on the form, the checkboxes that they checked origionally are checked. This makes it very easy for the novice user to edit their page, or change the look with just a click of the mouse. File uploads via the browser, advanced editor and file management, and complete administration via the browser are just some of its main features.

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