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Title VSEmail
Platform n/a
Price Free
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Category ASP » Scripts and Components » Email Systems
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Description VSEmail is a simple SMTP email send component for Active Server Pages. Currently it does not support attachments or html. VSEmail was compiled using Delphi 5.


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Scripts Related to - VSEmail

Script Name

VisualSoft Mail

VisualSoft ActiveMail is a server-side COM component that helps send mail to specified recipients. It is an Active Server Component that can be used only in Active Server Pages (ASPs) without any software to be required. Using the VisualSoft ActiveMail component, the user can upload an attachment with the mail. It also facilitates Carbon Copies (CC), Blind Carbon Copies (BCC) and mails to multiple recipients. It also provides the feature of setting the expiry time for a mail.


SA-SMTPmail is a full-featured SMTP e-mail client component. This completely free component offers significantly better performance than other popular SMTP components. SA-SMTPmail is written in high-performance C++ and supports all threading models.

ASPMail Object

This object for MacromÚdia Dreamweaver 2 allows you to easily create an ASP script that creates server generated e_mail.


If you, like many others, need to send Email from your ASP web application or build a simple SMTP client application, then PpAsp.Mail ActiveX Server Component is all you will ever need. It implements the SMTP as per RFC 821 so that you can create and send email with only a few lines of Script.


This is an Active Server Page Component written in Java for reading POP3 email accounts. v2.0 adds support for MIME encoding attachments, viewing headers and has a much improved performance when accessing large messages. This program requires at least version 5.00.2925 of the Microsoft Java VM.


HTMLMailer provides an easy way to send plain or HTML formatted email from an application. Perfect for VB or ASP programmers that want to be able to send nicely formatted email from an application. The component distribution includes: Support for SMTP mail servers, HTML or plain message text, HTML style documentation, and Commented Visual Basic sample.


SimpleMail allows you to send email messages from your ASP pages or any other ActiveX compatible container application like VB. It was implemented using the original SMTP-protocol, and to keep it simple it does not offer MIME or file attachment features.


The SMTP component is an ActiveX object used to send an email from active server pages. Unlike the FrontPage mailer, this allows you to specify the from-name, from-address, and add CC recipients on the fly through VBScript.

HTMLMailer Plus

HTMLMailer plus includes all of the easy-to-use features of the original HTMLMailer, and adds a new object called 'FlexiMailer'. The 'FlexiMailer' object adds the following functionality: Add multiple recipients (using multiple recipient types: To/CC/BCC), Add file attachments, Properties for 'From', 'Body', and 'Subject' email fields, and Ability to connect to custom SMTP port. The setup package includes: The component, 2 VB samples, 1 ASP sample, and Help file.


DevMailer is a COM object designed to send Email via SMTP from any COM / OLE / ActiveX enabled application. It features: Small, Fast object for sending email via SMTP, Unlimited File Attachments, Unlimited Backup SMTP Servers, Failsafe Message Queuing in case of SMTP Server failure, Support for CC and BCC recipients, Optimized for concurrent usage, Can send multiple messages per connection, Verify email addresses at SMTP Server, Useful Email utility functions, Supports MIME File Attachments, Content-Types, and Character Sets, and Detailed session logging, as well as the NT Event Log support for fatal errors.

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