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  • Server Updater
    This script is used to change every instance of a string found within any file on your server. The best use I have found for it is to change relative paths or domain names when you move your site to a new server/domain.
  • rc_fileRenamer.class
    With rc_fileRenamer.class you can easily rename files of a given folder. It can rename all files numbered (file_001.jpg, file_002.jpg, ...), can rename to lower/uppercase, can cleanup filenames, can rename file-extensions to lower/uppercase and to new file-extension. Useful if you want to organize your folders. Comes with sample page and is fully documented.
  • Destination Transloader
    At one stage i was trying to find and download a certain file it was 600+ MB's and i was on a 56k connection. Needless to say everywhere that carried it stopped serving it within days, So I decided to write the Destination Transloader Script. The Script Allows a user to place the address of a file in a textbox (Either Http or Ftp addresses are fine) Press submit and have the script loaded onto the server that is holding the script. With Hosting space and the bandwidth they offer today you can move some rather large files around, and with the speed of commercial hosting companies servers it can be done in the blink of an eye, waiting until you are ready to download them using your resumable FTP client. The Script is also great for bandwith if you simply need to move large files to your server, as in you do not need to first download them to your machine then upload them again. Features : ¨¨¨¨ Cookie Based Authentication For Login. Transloader Based On The Linux Wget Program. File Browser For Display Transloaded Files. Ability To Rename Files. Help Files. Easy To Use Interface. Easy Configuration. Written In PHP
  • PHP Directory Lister 2.1 Finale
    the directory lister has one very unique feature, html formatted descriptions! full documentation is written in the php file. All known bugs have now been fixed.
  • Texteditor - Free - GPL
    Texteditor v.1 is a simple text editor for your site static content. It is helpful to have a texteditor to edit your static content like for example your about page. you can update it with ease with this text editor.
  • DirPHP - Freeware, GPL
    DirPHP is a quick tool for a) displaying all files in its same directory and subdirectories and color coding and organizing by several factors, b) displaying other PHP files' source code (instead of simply linking to them, allowing the user to see the code non-parsed by the server), and c) performing simple file uploads to the directory. DirPHP is extremely simple to install and use. No configuration is required, and the script is contained in a single PHP file, allowing the program to simply be placed in a webserver directory and have instant functionality.
  • JotPad - GPL
    A simple text editor that's password protected. Upon accessing, user is prompted for a password. Once the correct password is entered, the text file is opened and displayed in a form field. The file can then be edited, and saved. There is also an option to view the file in the browser without having the size restricted by the form.
  • phpJSO
    phpJSO (PHP JavaScript Obfuscator) compresses JavaScripts to one line, 30% of the original size. We have compressed 2000+ line/70KB programs to under 30KB. It works by removing whitespace and comments, like most obfuscators do. Then it renames all functions and variable names to two or three letter names. You can also specify variable and function names so phpJSO will NOT change them.
  • unziptodir - Freeware
    A command line php script to extract any number of arj, rar, zip archives to a directory named after the archive itself.
  • Filemailer - membership
    FileMailer lets you require visitors to submit their name and email address in order to retrieve a file from your site.
  • Filemailer - membership
    FileMailer lets you require visitors to submit their name and email address in order to retrieve a file from your site. ˛100% templates ˛Simple and quick to set up ˛Prevents leeching and third party linking ˛Files are sent via email, not via download ˛Visitors must give a valid email address to get a file ˛Tracks how many times each file is retreived ˛Records the name/email/url address of each downloader
  • Absolute Include - Freeware
    A small but useful wrapper function for include(). It allows the same include statement to be used in all the files in a website, regardless of which folder they are located in. This is handy for sites that are hosted on servers that have PHP open_basedir protection enabled. This tends to cause calls like include("/folder/"); to generate error messages.
  • Server to Server Transfer - Freeware
    Server to Server Transfer 2 is a PHP script that can be used to move a file from a server to another server. The moving process occurs by using HTTP protocol (GET request), after the data is requested, it will be saved in the local computer. So to use the SST, you have to install the script in the target computer where the file will be saved. Now virtually with no file size limitation.
  • path tree - Freeware
    This tiny class will create a tree like view for a given path. All you have to do is to copy the script to a php-powered webserver and setup included index.php with a path. This was not designet as stand alone - but morelike you can include it within your programs/scripts. This is completely free software. No BSD or GPL like license. But: You're running this on your own risk!
  • File Scope Replacer - free
    This package is meant to find and replace data in files. The replacer class takes a text data value to be found as well the replacement text. It scans files from a given directory to find and replace the specified data. The replacer class may either scan all files or just the ones that match a given regular expression. It may optionally scan sub-directories recursively. (thx2ml)
  • MaxgComp TAR Class - Free (LGPL)
    MaxgComp TAR is a good way for developers to create TAR archives in their scripts or websites, which can be either GZIP'ed or BZIP'ed or uncompressed depending on which extensions are loaded on the server. Furthermore, it is distributed under the Lesser GPL so you can use in your own projects. The class is also well documented and we'll be proud to answer your questions about how using the class.
  • aXisCrawler - Free
    aXisCrawler is a utility we've used in lot's of applications. Basically it is a server browser. That means you can allow a user to browse a specified set of directories and files, then choose one as a form input value. The directory viewable to the user is determined in the configuration file. If you can see how that could be helpful, you get the point. If not, check out the demo and maybe it will become a bit clearer to you.
  • Directory lister - Free
    Displays a hyperlinked list of all the files contained in a specified folder. Very simple to set up, only requires you to change one line.
  • PHPCompressor - Free (GPL)
    PHPCompressor is a simple PHP class that can compress and decompress data without using any additional libraries. Based on Huffman algorithm.
  • Convert MS-Word to html on the fly - Free (GPL)
    This is a short PHP script that converts MS-Word docs on the fly (and caches) using wvWare. This script will create all .html, .png, etc. files in the wordconv subdirectory. The .html files will not be deleted after serving. The created html files are reconverted when the modification time on the .doc file is newer than the .html file. If the .html file is already present, it is served up directly (i.e. cached) without reconversion. Requires: wvWare available at Read the comments in the source file for more info.

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