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    Converts HTML designed in your favorite HTML editor to PERL formatted print statements for cases where you would like the HTML embedded directly within your PERL app.
  • indexsoft configurator - 19.95USD
    If you are developer of web based perl application you know what is text configuration files for your CGI scripts. You do not like them, users of your applications hate them. indexsoft configurator lets you to rid of headache and forget about text edit of configuration files.
  • Stunnix Perl-Obfus - $879/$479
    Stunnix Perl-Obfus is a unique solution for protecting your valuable intellectual property from possible Perl source code piracy/studying/rework. It's an advanced and extremely reliable obfuscator (encoder/mangler/scrambler/cruncher) for the Perl source code with support for insuring licensing conditions (e.g. program expiration, binding to a set of hosts). It converts the Perl source files (.pl and .pm) into highly mangled and obfuscated forms, making them extremely difficult to study, analyse, reuse, or re-work for competitors or customers, while fully retaining functionality of the original source code. It's not a compiler to machine code, and the obfuscated form will still be the usual Perl source code, and so will work on all platforms the original source worked on.
  • PHPXref - Free (GPL)
    PHPXref is a Perl script to make working with the source code of a large PHP site somewhat easier. It allows you to: Cross references classes, functions, variables, constants and database tables defined and used across your various PHP files, and generates documentation for each class & function defined in the PHP files by utilizing formatted comments placed next to each function. The output is a tree of HTML files that can be downloaded and browsed on a local machine without having to setup a web server, etc.
  • ActiveUpdate - $40 AUD
    This package allows developers and system administrators alike to add automatic updating to their own software packages. An Administrator could plug ActiveUpdate into their scripts to keep their systems or users up to date. A CGI/PERL/VISUAL BASIC programmer could plug ActiveUpdate into their software packages to allow users an automatic or scheduled update functionality.
  • CGI Helper - Free
    This simple script shows you all of your cgi-bin and website variables to aid you in the installation of cgi scripts. Features include: Shows all the cgi environmental variables, Shows all the retreive environmental variables, Lists the paths to Perl and the Perl executable on your system, Lists the path to sendmail, Lists all of the installed Perl modules, and All Perl modules have links to their CPAN descriptions.
  • CleverPerlScrambler - GPL
    Scrambler reads in your Perl source code and renames all variables and subroutines found to random characters or replace variables and subroutines with words taken from a wordfile. Scrambler also removing blank lines, comments, pod documentation and making it extremely difficult for anyone to read the obfuscated source code. Scrambler can also make your scripts run faster because it can condense the scrambled script to a smaller size than the original. The scrambled script is still a standard script, so any machine with Perl on it can still run it.
  • Stouk ProjectKeeper - Free
    Designed to save time and easily find and open any recent or totally forgotten scripting project. ProjectKeeper will keep track of the source and allows making a reserve copy when code is promoted. It will remind to put latest changes into the history file. It will backup only changed files, since last promotion. It will also increase a version for the project to distinguish among your own multiple script backups. It is a real time saver when working on multiple projects for long time. Perl Source code is available.
  • Script Scrambler - $499.95
    Script Scrambler reads in your Perl source code and renames all variables and subroutines found to random characters, as well as adding random comments throughout and removing blank lines, making it extremely difficult, if not impossible, for anyone to read your source code. Script Scrambler can also make your scripts run faster because it can condense the scrambled script to a smaller size than the original. It's ideal if you want to sell your scripts but don't want to give out the original source code. The scrambled script is still a standard script, so any machine with Perl on it can still run it.
  • Error Log viewer - Free
    Error Log viewer is a handly utility to pinpoint the cause of script errors. Don't you hate it when you try to install a program and keep getting those internal 500 errors? Or while developing a program you come across a server error? Now you can easily find out what is causing it. Utilizing this program will allow you to see the entries in your web servers error log in a readable and understandable format...even if you can not find or do not have access to your error log.
  • Ace Perl Variable HTML Escape/UnEscape - Free
    This is a couple of code snippets to convert non-word characters to the html � format. This is useful for displaying forms populated with variables that have odd characters or for 'escaping' variables prior to saving them to a database.
  • Ace Perl Debug Tool - Free
    Use this code to display environment variables and form variables. The form variables are assumed to be in the %in associative array (as extracted by the &getdata subroutine show in a previous example). This is generally used when the script encounters an error and is very useful for debugging.
  • Ace Perl Snippets - Free
    A series of free Perl code "grabs" that will make it easier for programmers to build their web sites. If you have anything you would like to see added to the series please don't hesitate to use the contact form to let us know (contact button on left).
  • HTML2PHP - Free (GPL)
    HTML2PHP is a simple (Very Simple) perl script to take an html file and convert it for use with PHP It makes all the HTML code to print statements.
  • Perl Web Utilities - Free (GPL)
    PLUtils is a set of Perl scripts and modules designed to make writing interactive webpages and other Perl scripts easier. It includes database access, session management and more.
  • Perl Metrics - Free
  • Swap - Free
    This is a perl script that can do a search and replace across a whole website with one command, working its way through all subdirectories. It works in a dos as well as a Free BSD (Unix) environment. You can replace any character string except for two circumflexes next to each other, because they're used as string delimiters.
  • - Free is a script which simply converts files to lowercase. All it takes is chmod u+x and go.
  • HTML to CGI Converter - Free
    This program allows you to convert an HTML file to either C or Perl code for inclusion in a CGI script.
  • HTML 2 Perl - Free
    "HTML 2 PERL" converts any standard HTML file to a list of Perl print statements, either destined for STDOUT, as in cgi output or for printing to a file. It allows you to specify the file handling variable, the input file, and the output file, either via command line or interactively.

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