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Title Using PHP and MySQL (SQL database server) to Generate XML Documents
Platform All with PHP and MySQL
Price Free
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Website Visit Website of - Using PHP and MySQL (SQL database server) to Generate XML Documents
Category PHP » Scripts and Programs » XML and PHP
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Description A tutorial to show how XML files can be generated dynamically by PHP to create RSS news feeds or other XML formatted files.


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Scripts Related to - Using PHP and MySQL (SQL database server) to Generate XML Documents

Script Name

Jazarsoft RSS Builder

RSS Builder is a simple PHP RSS (Really Simple Syndication) Fie Generator that support RSS standard version 0.91 & 2.0.

Technical Example Of's Google News RSS/RDF Feed Generator

Using Google News RSS/RDF Feed Generator service and PHP to create your very own simplified news search system using Google News results.

UPS XML Shipping Tool PHP Function Library

UPS XML Shipping Tool PHP Function Library is a series of PHP functions that enable your web application to ship, confirm, and void shipments via UPS's XML servers. These functions will assist you in rapidly developing your UPS shipping web application. You can use these functions within your application to: Generate UPS shipping labels to be printed on thermal or laser printers. Automate your shipping with your database driven web application. Eliminate duplicate data entry and human error in your shipping process.

WinampXML Parser

The Winamp xmlParser is a free open-source PHP script for parsing XML playlist files generated by Winamp into a table for publication on a webpage. NOTE: Playlist files used by this script must be in the B4S file format. Winamp 5 does not offer this file format and therefore is currently not supported. We are working to correct this and will post a new version when the issue is resolved.

World's Simplest RSS Reader in PHP

This is the simplest RSS reader on Earth that can read any kind of RSS feeds! It has only 1 SMALL function to do the work and the script it HEAVILY commented!! Read News Feeds, Blogs, Articles, Search results, anything and everything with this RSS reader. This is the simplest one and it will make you the MASTER of RSS/XML parsing in just 5 minutes!!


This PHP4 code parses an XML document into a multidimensional array. The parser recognizes and processes almost all of XML, including processing instructions, general or external entities and notations. In addition many functions are provided to search and edit the document, build a new one and write it back to a string or to a file. The xml22 code is different to the Document Object Model.


This script will parse XML and display it. Very easy to customize and well documented.

RSS Feed Reader tree

RSS Feed Reader tree generated with some free scripts. Click on the RSS Feed Reader link to launch the interface. The .zip contains only a single .php file which you can only use with scripts specified below. The tree is generated using CARP (with a tiny modification) and dtree script. It's awesome, but you must either buy the CARP Caching RSS Parser or use the GPL version and download dtree script from a free script. Hint: when hovering over items, you will see the description details.

MyCoupons XML Parser

Take control of the new RSS feed from and earn cash for clicks. MyCoupons XML Parser gives you full control of the layout of the coupons through the use of internal and external templates for a simple setup or a completely customized setup to match your website. Internal filter allows you to filter out any unwanted coupons by keyword, search feature, and browse coupons by letter are some of the key features.


QuickHP is a kind of content management system with a new approach. It uses XML and XSLT to provide a compatible source format and very different target formats. The user interface allows comfortable file handling and features like file history (versioning), preview of parsed files and efficient parsing (by parsing only changed files). Furthermore, QuickHP provides a solution to the problem that XML files cannot contain dynamic content (e.g. PHP code), because then the valid XML content would be broken - no problem with QuickHP: XML files that contain PHP code are parsed through the XSL template on-the-fly. The authors homepage is an example of possibilities of QuickHP.

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