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Title Upload/Download Component
Platform n/a
Price Free
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Category ASP » Scripts and Components » File Manipulation » Upload Systems
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Description This is a free COM object including VB source for uploading and downloading files from your Web server. Very simple object only supports one file at a time. Use the source code to modify and build on the object for your own purposes.


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Scripts Related to - Upload/Download Component

Script Name


Easy-Upload is an ISAPI dll for file uploading. It works on any win32 server, and requires no COM object. There is also a standalone windows CGI module for servers that do not support ISAPI.

Free ASP Upload

Upload files to your server from any browser. FAST, flexible, and free. This script will make it very easy for you to add upload forms to your web site. Even better: you will be able to do it without having to buy an expensive binary upload component. Besides cost, binary components also require special server permissions. With source code you can add it easily, even to a web-hosting account with restrictive access permissions.

File & Image Uploader

ASP script upload solution. No dlls to be installed. Uploads image files (JPG,GIF,PNG, and BMP). Source Code included. Includes an online demo.

EZ Upload

EZ Upload allows uploading of any file to a pre-fixed folder on your server directly from a web browser. The pre-generated code can be pasted into any asp page. The path for the file to be uploaded can be set in the configuration file.

Provide links to your e-books, download products, user names & passwords, or anything you would want viewed AFTER they just came from PayPal when purchasing your product. SentryPal checks to make sure that the visitor came directly from PayPal and only then provides the paid protected page to the customer. Also lets you encrypt your pages to hide keywords and source code to your web pages.

Miraplacid Upload

MSCUpload is an Active Server File Upload component. It extentds standard Request object capabilities in handling uploaded data. MSCUpload is a perfect way for ASP applications to handle multiple uploaded files and still make another form fields easily accessable.

Fast File Upload to IIS

The component adds file upload capability to your IIS server. Files are uploaded through HTTP protocol using standard HTML form and any standard browser. Can be used with either VBScript or JScript. Installation instructions and sample ASP code included.

Infinite FX ASP Upload Script

An easy to use script with a comprehensive Readme file. It's designed to use the ASPUpload object available from This is a server side object that allows transfer of files from your computer to a webserver running the ASPUpload object using your browser. Very useful if you do not have FTP access because you are using a proxy server with the FTP port (21) blocked, or the FTP server is down. Only a small amount of HTML knowledge is required to set this up. All instructions are included in a readme file. No database required.


dgFileUpload allows you to upload a binary file to your server. This means that you can upload gifs, movies, MP-3 sound, pictures and not just simple text. Consider dgFileUpload to be an improved version of "Request.Form".


This a file upload script that requires no dlls or 3rd party components. Currently only supports single file upload. This script uses one class to upload the files. It is free to use, and any web programmer can easily include it in his/her code.

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