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Title Unhurler
Platform Unix, Linux
Price $59
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Category Perl & CGI » Scripts and Programs » Password Protection
Hits 587
Description This script stops password theft at its roots. This script will stop passwords from being lifted from your server by password hurlers used in brute force attacks. Unscrupulous adult webmasters have scripts that run hammering your members area with different username and password combinations until they get lucky. This can tie up your server resources for hours and eventually you will have a password stolen. The script will block the ip of the script trying to steal your passwords and email you of the infraction.


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Scripts Related to - Unhurler

Script Name

Protect from CGI biz

Even though Apache servers have powerful file protection mechanisms, most webmaster don't use them because of their complexity. Protect solves this problem by providing a simple yet effective user interface.

Password Check

Password Check is simple Username - Password combination check script to protect your restricted pages.


htadmin is a collection of routines to manage Apache's .htpasswd files. .htpasswd files are commonly used with .htaccess, the Access Control system used by Apache.

Access Denied

Access Denied is a script that will let you easliy let you manage a password, login file. Made for .htpasswd but will work on any password file with a login and a crypted password. Access Denied not only controls one password file, but as many as you want. This script lets you add logins, remove them one at a time or multiple logins at once. Easy to set up with only one variable to set.

Alpha-Numerical Password Generator

This is a basic Perl script that randomly generates an Alpha-numeric password and encypts it. It's main purpose is to replace user input passwords with a generated one...adds to the mystery.

HTPASSWD Password Generator and Manager

This is a .htpasswd file and site access management script that will automatically: Add new users, Delete existing users, Add new groups, Delete existing groups, and Add and remove group members. All these functions can be accesses from a web-based form. The encryption is based on characteristics used in the source-code of the NCSA httpd server htaccess, but ported to perl.

Delorie Password Manager

The Delorie Password Manager is for users who have to manage a web password file, but do not have easy access to password encryptors or CGI directories. By using the Handler directive of Apache 1.1, one central CGI installed by the system administrator can handle all the password needs of the users.


This is a simple Perl script that allows you to crypt a plain text password for use with web authentication. This script works best when run on the system you need passords for because some systems use a more secure crypt that ends up with more than the usual 13 character crypted password.


This is an easily configurable script that will check a predesignated password (unencrypted) and send the surfer to your content page or to another page that you specify for entering the wrong password. This is an AVS-type password system. Since the password isn't encrypted a somewhat skilled hack could get around this, but this will keep most surfers out.


Htprotect allows you to manage user accounts for the htaccess capabilites of the apache webserver from a webinterface. It uses a MySQL database for storing user data.

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