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PHP » Magazine Articles » Tuning Apache and PHP for Speed on Unix


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Title Tuning Apache and PHP for Speed on Unix
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Category PHP » Magazine Articles
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Description Here is an extensive compilation of tips on how to optimise Apache on Linux and Unix for PHP and CGI programs. The tips can also be applied to Perl and Python.


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Script Name

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WEB servers come in various shapes and sizes. They run under a variety of operating systems, have varying levels of power and complexity, and range in price from rather expensive to free. One of them is Apache.

Advantages of PHP Over Java

This is a brief article on comparison between PHP and Java language. Discussion on history, advantages, and statistics.

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This article by Zend describes why PHP is gaining popularity as the enterprise solution for developing dynamic Web applications.

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Almost every Internet user from a beginner to an advanced web-master needs a tool to create and maintain dynamically generated web sites. From simple web-presence-sites to news portals and category-based e-commerce webs the varieties of such sites are impressive. ABC NewsArticle was created by Zakkis Technology Corporation to help people create and manage those web-sites conveniently and easily.

Export MS Excel file data on your WEB site directly!

There is a long-time existed obstacle of Microsoft software products usage in Unix/Linux environment. Microsoft Excel is definitely one of the most important programs for a typical user. Hundreds of millions of XLS files with different information exist and millions are created every day. Not only users work with XLS files on their local machines but they also want to use such files in the Internet. Taking into account the fact that the great majority of Web servers are operational under Unix/Linux we can clearly recognize the question about XLS file reading under Unix/Linux. The good news is that the problem has already been solved...

Choosing a PHP Webhost -- Get the most for your money

This article explains what you need to consider before you decide on a PHP host. Common issues like uptime and support are covered, but it also looks at some things you might not have considered.

The Case for PHP and MySQL

Unapologetically, my objective in this article is to show that PHP and MySQL are both mature and widespread technologies that can be considered a primary web-application platform, not just an alternative to ASP, JSP, Cold Fusion and a host of other web-app scripting solutions out there. I'm developing this article in an evolutionary way and will add as I see trends, get new data, have new ideas for how to discover the case for PHP. According to some stats, there are over 12,000,000 sites on the internet now running PHP. So, what's behind that and why is it so popular

Web Programming with PHP - Why choose PHP

This article compares PHP to other scripting languages such as JSP, ASP and Cold Fusion and describes its strenghts and weaknesses as compared to these other languages.

Server-side scripting languages

Can't decide whether to use PHP scripts, Perl CGIs, or Java servlets for your next Web development project This article will help you decide by providing a side-by-side comparison of the functioning source code of all three languages

Designing Fast Software Architectures in PHP

The recent benchmarking spree of PhpLib, ADODB, PEAR DB, Metabase and Native MySQL has brought more questions up how to to design fast and powerful class libraries in PHP. This short article describes how to design a fast and powerful class libraries in PHP.

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