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Title TriLOG
Platform Unix, Windows
Price $30
Author Visit Author Website
Website Visit Website of - TriLOG
Category PHP » Scripts and Programs » Web Traffic Analysis
Hits 616
Description TriLOG is a PHP, MySQL, GD libriary based fully functional counter and statistics system. Uses cookies and IP for unique counting. Features: Summary statistics, attendance, hosts, hits, referrers, search phrases, search words, popular pages, browsers, Operating Systems, resolutions, java-script, cookies, etc. Also includes Multi language support. Stats by Hours, Today, Yesterday, Week, Month, Total. Includes a very ease to use template-driven design.


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Scripts Related to - TriLOG

Script Name


ABM (Average Bandwidth Monitor) is a bandwidth/user monitor that displays a current user count, and a gauge with the bandwidth usage where the gauge is a dial. An example is shown at the left-hand corner of its homepage.


LiveStats is an easy to setup php web statistics program. This web statistics program must be run by MySQL and PHP. If servers do not have MySQL or you do not know your MySQL account info, you will not be able to use this program. This program tracks the IP from the visitors, what type of OS (Operating System) they were using, top ten IP's who visited your website, and what type of browser they were using. This program is simple, clean and easy to setup.

Les Visiteurs (Visitors)

This is a comprehensive Web site statistics analysis program written in PHP that uses a MySQL database on backend for data handling. Key reports include details on last visitors, Daily breakdowns for each month, Visitor OS, browsers, Top referrers, top domains, hits by hour, and more. It uses the GD library for creating statistical charts. Documents, Messages and Scripts are written in English. <b>v2.0.1 update</b>: new abstraction layer for MS SQL, detection of IE 6, Windows XP, and Opera for Linux, new languages (German, Portuguese, Spanish, Chinese, Polish, Dutch, Norwegian, and Swedish), and bugfixes for the admin title and images under Windows' Web server.


GHC (GHC hidden counter) allows you to count the number of visits to your site by hour. Useful for finding out the busiest hours in your web site. It generates a png image with a bar chart of the visits to your site.

php Stats

php Stats is a very easy script, that can show alot of information about your visitors. It is very easy to install. Changes since version 1.2: Added time and date stats; Insert file rewritten; Shows the day with highest visitor rate; Now runs using only one table in MySQL. This is basically a very primitive version of the upcoming 2.0.

4CM_VisitLog (Light)

4CM_VisitLog is a small and very fast page-hit/visitor logging script. It utilizes ADODB for multi-database support and superior speed. For it to be operational, you simply need to use the PHP function (INCLUDE) on every page of your site, and 4CM_VisitLog will keep records of how many page-views your site receives, as well as: File Name of viewed page, Data Stamp of viewed page, Refereeing Page, IP Address of viewer, Browser Details of viewer. Installation takes very little time and is very easy.

YABD (Yet Another Browser Detector)

A code snippet to extract browser, version, and system information from an agent string using regular expressions.


PMCCount is a professional counter script for your website. The information is stored in text files (using size optimized method). It includes an option to hide or show the counter (using digits, 20 different set are available), and a script viewing stats per day, per week, colors, referrer, timezone, browser, etc. There are a free and a commercial version available. The Pro version also includes the PMCGraph class to display the stats in 3D bars. Supported Languages: English, german, french, spanish, swedish and portuguese. (Easy to create your own)

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