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Title Track Read and Opened Emails Without Using Reciept Request!
Platform Independent of platform used
Price Based on marketing volume
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Category CFML » Scripts and Programs » Miscellaneous
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Description This great product gives you the ability to specify a page on your server that will be triggered when a user opens his/her email. This page will be triggered every time the email is read. This is a great tool because you can send custom parameters using this product to each email, and once an email is opened, you will receive those parameters back and you will know who opened and when the email was opened. You can be very creative using this product to include nested trigger pages to do some actions based on emails opened, etc. You can also provide a statistical report that will show how many of your customers actually opened your advertisement to them. Please visit our web site to see in details how this product works. You will see examples, syntax usage, and a detailed manual. This is the simplest product you will ever use without having to install anything on your server!! By the way, this does not work like a receipt request. Your user will not know that you are triggering pages on your server based on him/her opening your email to them. In other words, your client can't force a no-action when he/she opens the email. So, make sure you take care of privacy issues in your marketing campaign.


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CFX_GeoIP will let you to determine the Internet visitor's country based on the IP address. It offers an accuracy rate of 95%. You can use it for : 1. Display native language and currency 2. Redirect web pages based on geographical region 3. Digital Rights Management 4. Prevent password sharing and abuse of service 5. Reduce credit card fraud 6. Web log statistics and analysis 7. Auto-selection of country on forms 8. Filter access from countries you do not do business with 9. Geo targeting for increased sales and click-through Updated IP/Countries file will be provided regularly for free. This CFX tags does not require a Database.

CFM Email Address Encoder

This function is used to create an encoded "mailto" email link in your CFM pages that is capable of hiding email addresses on your web site from spambots, spiders, address harvesters, and email scrapers by changing the format of the link from the easily identifiable format.

Railo - CFML Engine

Railo is a Cold Fusion Compiler for translating and executing of Cold Fusion based websites. The Compiler translates the Cold Fusion code into Java classes which can be executed on a Java server. Railo also comes with a runtime engine, which contains all necessary libraries for the translated code. Railo automatically detects wether to translate a Cold Fusion file or when to use the runtime engine. You can compare Railo at best with JSP. JSP uses an other syntax but the main functionality is almost the same. Because Railo obeys most of the JSP interfaces, it is highly compatible to JSP.


Put the site URL, your name and e-mail address and this service will e-mail you requested WWW page with embedded graphics and style sheets so this e-mail message will look exactly like web page. Consider this service like substitute or extension of standard ColdFusion, ASP.NET or JSP mail system.


Using DynamicMS 1.0, you can generate Microsoft Word/Excel/PowerPoint reports to represent your data from a database. All you have to do is send a query name to this tag with formatting options on how you want your data to be laid out, and you will see your generated file in the format you asked for. Then, your file will be embedded into your browser which will give you the opportunity to save the file to your server or just leave it on the browser.<br><br> We have 6 examples per category (Excel, Word, PowerPoint) on our web site. Visit our web site to see them yourself (<br><br> <b>The new version handles adding paragraphs, images, html code, and the option to save the file on the server instead of embedding it in the browser.</b>


CFX_Symencrypt is a Coldfusion CFX tag which provides 256-bit encryption using the new (FIPS) Federal Information Processing Standard for encryption, "Rijndael". It encrypts and decrypts text and files (ASCII and/or binary). It accepts key size from 128-bit to 256- bit ( the maximum length for AES algorithm) CFX_Symencrypt can be used to: - Encrypt sensitive data before storing them in a database. - Encrypt images , video , word, excel , pdf documents or any binary files on the server . - Etc. For Coldfusion 4.5 , 5, MX Windows NT , 2000, XP

Candidate Management System (CMS)

Please delete this script listing - we are no longer selling it from our website. Thank you very much!

Exam9 Educator Multiple Choice Software

Exam9 Educator is used to set up multiple choice tests for set time periods that when submitted are automatically corrected and the results logged beside the student's or trainee's reference number. Exam parameters remain fully editable and results are viewed in tabular and graphic formats. Images (i.e. map / photo) or documents (i.e. word, excel, pdf) can be incorporated into exam questions or the exam introduction. New exams can be created using existing questions in other exams. The source code is unencrypted except for one page.

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