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  • Top Site 2000 - $199
    Features include: Unlimited number of sites supported, Unlimited categories supported, Daily ranking, Weekly ranking, Daily hits reset, Remove inactive sites, Unlist site, Incoming hits, Outgoing hits, Anti-cheat gateway, ip-blocking Browse sites by 25, 50 and 100 sites on page, Auto registration, Full contol on members and other admin features, Mail all members, and Recommend site. The program requires mSQL or mySQL database.
  • Top 1000 Sites - $250
    The Top 1000 Sites script registers sites from users and keeps track of how many hits each site receives. In order for the hit tracking to take place the user must add a link with an image back to your site. The image that is displayed on each user's page can be changed. Only one hit from each IP address is counted in a 24 hour period, preventing users from cheating. The script generates the top sites list every fifteen minutes that has a list from 1 to 1000 of the sites with the most hits, 1 being the most. The script prints an advertisement that the owner chooses for every 20 sites that it lists.
  • Top Sites Professional - $250
    Top Sites Professional includes all the features and benefits of Top Sites and much more: Variable editting completely browser based, Counts out-going hits, Ability to split the rankings up among many pages, Gateway or double cgi protection option available, Daily system and member stats, Bulk Email to all members, Admin and Member editing of account, IP blocking to deter cheaters, Total control over colors and look, Encrypted passwords, Ease of customization (headers and footers for all pages), Crontab option, You decide how you want your members to be ranked (eg. Total hits in Hits in current day, Hits in current week, Hits in current month, Hit/day average), and 8 different display options configurable in numerous ways.
  • Pro Top Sites - $150
    Pro Top Sites is a program which works like a poll system. It lets a webmaster sign up and receive a special URL which he/she will put on their website. Then, whoever clicks on that link/banner linked to that special URL will generate one vote for that site. The more votes the site gets, the higher it is ranked among other sites.
  • Ranking System - Free
    Ranking System is not only for creating a top-sites list but also for creating a list for anything you want to rank. For example, the products of your company, each section on your web site, the latest music, and anything you can think. This script doesn't just rank a member by the total votes, but also the scores that the visitors give to the member.
  • Advanced Ranking System - $19.95
    You can start a ranking contest on your web site today! This script will generate a ranking list by itself based on the votes and rating scores the script receives from the visitors. The script will also update this list by itself after a period of time that you set has passed. You can rank anything you like. For example, top 100 web sites, top 20 music list, or the products of your company. Administration, Anti-cheating and members' managing scripts are included.
  • List Site PRO - Free
    List Site PRO is a top site ranking system that counts hits from member sites and then ranks them according to the number of hits. List Site PRO allows the highest ranking members to display their banners. It also features: Logs Both Incoming and Outgoing Hits, Admin Controls Number of Records to Display, Admin Controls Number of Banners to Display, Automatically Updates Counts Every Hour and Resets Counts Every 24 Hours, List Site Automatically Links to New Account Form, Use Headers and Footers To Customize Site, and Email Account Information to New Members.

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