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  • Ultimate Topsite Script (UTS) - $100.00
    This perl script ranks sites from the ones who send the most traffic to the least traffic. This script is so powerful that it will automatically analyze all incoming hits and determine where they are coming from without them signing up. The script will block sites loading your site in an image tag or iframe tag. It also allows you to track the productivity of your traffic and base your returns on it. You can also adjust your return ratio to each site. Also uses template features so that the script will work with your current site's design, and allow easy modifications.
  • Rank It - $40
    Rank It is a Top Sites script written in Perl. Key features include: Web-based installation, Records hits / votes / out hits, You can select to display sites by hits / votes / out hits, User can see total hits / votes / out hits (in stats area) as well as current hits / votes out hits (in stats area), You can select how many days before it rests hits, Rank how many sites you want, Give users a image of text link to put on there site, Have unlimited gaps in the table (you can put anything in the space), Select when to start and stop the sites description to be shown on the list, Select from/to start and stop the sites banner and title on the list, Send out a welcome email to new users, Users can edit there sites info anytime, Users can get there password sent to them, Users can generate there HTML code if they lose it, Edit / Delete / View accounts in the admin area, Update the colors from the admin area, Update the setup info from the admin area, Custom header / header_insert / footer, Mass Email all users, and more.
  • Rank Master - Free/$50
    Rank Master is a script that allows you to create and maintain a Top Sites list. You can rate the site by incoming, outgoing or total hits, as well as by the number of votes, average rating and total score (number of votes X average rating). Visitors may also leave comments about web sites. Other features include web-based admin interface, customized templates and vocabulary, search engine, categories, anti-cheating gateway with cookie and IP logging, flagging or auto-deletion of inactive members, crontab support and more...
  • Intellilink Free - Freeware
    IntelliLink will assure link exchanges go well, both for you and sites that link to your site. Do you have trouble deciding where to place links Do webmasters stop linking to you because you don't send them enough hits Well with IntelliLink sites are positioned on your site for you and it assures that all links get back as many hits as they have sent you. This, along with other features, allows for simple yet effective link exchanges. Your site will grow quickly and you won't even have to make sure sites are still linking to you. One of the best free link exchange systems available.
  • Intellilink Pro - $39
    IntelliLink is a link exchange management script that will increase the traffic to your site with very little work on your part. If you have trouble deciding which links should get the best spots on your site, if people stop linking to your site because you don't send them enough traffic, if you just don't have time to edit your HTML pages every time you need to add a link, then IntelliLink will do all this for you, and it will do it better than any webmaster could do by themselves. The system makes sure sites sending you traffic get traffic back from you, and it doesn't send traffic to sites which don't send you any. You decide where on your site links should appear and IntelliLink will take care of the rest. It even alerts you of possible cheaters. Once you start running your sites' link exchanges with IntelliLink, you'll never want to go back to the old way. You WILL receive higher levels of traffic, AND at the same time have less work to do, giving you more time to grow your business.
  • ÁTOP - N/A
  • Aardvark Topsites - Free (GPL)
    Aardvark Topsites is a powerful Perl topsites script. It includes many features such as counting pageviews, hits in, and hits out, multiple pages, a search engine, member login, lost password retrieval, and an easy-to-use web-based admin area. You can also put member's ranks on the buttons. Almost all output from the script can be changed by editing simple HTML templates. No need to muck around in .cgi files to change how it looks.
  • Topsites Infinity - Free
    Topsites Infinity is a professional topsites script that allows you to easily manage a topsites listing. It is highly customizable using templates. It also includes numerous security features to make sure that no one can cheat or hack into the database files. UPDATE: Topsites Infinity is now free! It used to cost $50, but we removed the charge so everyone can enjoy it.
  • Intense Topsites - Freeware
    A topsite script featuring: Admin Control Panel; Easy setup area; View, delete, ban, edit, & email members; Easy text, color, border, background configurations; IP anticheat; Edit member info; Check for duplicate email and URL; Voting gateway; Check and delete inactives; Let viewers post comments; Members can delete their own account; Easy layout/template configuration; Member's rank on banner/button; Show member's button on topsite chart; Options to count hit-per-view, hit-per-visitor, hit-per-click, and hit-per-unique click; Up, Down & Same arrow for change in rank; Lost code, lost ID, lost password retreival; 2 different navigation options; Graphs on stats page; and Search engine.
  • Cheap Scripts Top Sites - $4.95
    The Cheap Scripts Top Sites is a script that will create a list of the top sites that have joined the group. Sites can be added by the user and get a number, a password, and an HTML code. When the user puts the HTML code on their website, their website users can vote for that site from one to ten. You can specify when the script will update (half hour, hour, or 24 hours). The script will generate a list of all of the sites in the group and will orgainze them by ratings. You also have the option to have the top sites list reset itself every week so that one site can't get too far ahead of other sites.
  • TopRep - $300.00
    TopRep allows you to create your own top-list replicator. Provides an unlimited number of lists and sites, automatic e-mailing to list and site owners for varying events, all html is generated based on templates allowing for complete control of the site's design. It uses the MySql database for bulletproof efficiency.
  • TrafficTrader SQL - $99
    Trade links with other sites without sending away your hard earned traffic to sites that send you nothing back. This system will only send traffic to those that send you traffic. Creates a toplist of referring sites every day/hour or whenever you want with customizable html that you can add to your page with a simple ssi tag. Uses a MySQL database.
  • DTP Topsites Script - $29.95
    This is an easy to install, configure, and maintain topsites script. Features include: Web-based configuration and administration, movement arrows, faster image serving, and our new layout system allows more customization.
  • Top Referers - Free
    This script goes through the automatically generated referer_log file (generated by this script) and counts how many times your page is referred to by each URL. It then produces a table to be viewed from the web with a link to each URL that refers to you, how many times the link on that page has been followed to reach your page.
  • Junies Top Ten Generator - Free
    Top Ten Generator is a Perl script that displays a Top Ten list that you create using HTML pages generated by the script, you update the list the same way. Also each item on the list can be hyperlinked to the webpage about it. Has many customizable options including how many items to show, fonts, colors, and a lot more. Requires SSI access.
  • AutoList21 - Free
    AutoList21 is an adult-site version of AutoList Lite. Otherwise, it includes all the same features as AutoList Lite.
  • Top 100 CGI - $800
    This system allows webmasters to visit a "sign-up" page to add to their web site to the Top List and receive HTML code with either a text link or a banner graphic to link your site. Once they have installed the HTML code, your system will track all traffic sent to by them uniquely. It features: Webmaster Account Maintenance, Daily list re-generation, Automatic Reminder Notices, Automatic Deletion of Dead Accounts, Tracking of Unique Visitors (incoming traffic), Tracking of Unique Sent (from list to list sites), and Easy Customization.
  • Top Sites Vote Checker - Free/$4.95
    This script provides you with the perfect way to effectively maintain the integrity of your existing top sites program, by detering cheaters and adding new features. The script adds integrity and additional features through a gateway page and ip log. The gateway page helps to eliminate misleading voting links and increases your pageviews at the same time. The ip log deters repetitive voting by a member trying to artifically inflate their vote count.
  • Superscripts: Topsites - $249.95
    Topsites is a popular promotional program that allows your affiliates & promoters to send traffic and earn reciprocal displays on a link list. It generates the linklist from crontab to allow ultrafast operation even under heavy fire. Topsites is also fully compatible with our AGENTS OF FORTUNE affiliate software which tracks and awards sales commissions. The topsites list may be inserted on the fly into any webpage with a simple server sides includes command, be used as its own web page or in a console. Comprehensive statistics are provided for both administrator and affiliates which breakdown the traffic sent and traffic received from each promoter. Admin stats allow overview of traffic for the entire year, bi-monthly, or daily statistical periods and may also kick out malicious users.
  • Top Sites - Free
    Top Sites is the original and premier web site ranking program. Features include: Number of sites to rank (ex. top 10 or top 25, you choose any number), Number of sites to display banner (ex Top site, top 5 sites, etc), Two ranking options (Hits/Day & Total Hits), User taken to Top Sites list automatically upon click thru, Hands free sign up page, each person creates their own account without anything done by you, and Multiple color configurations.

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