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Title TinyWeb
Platform Win32
Price Free
Author Visit Author Website
Website Visit Website of - TinyWeb
Category Tools & Utilities » Web Servers
Hits 857
Description TinyWeb is intended to be a simple Win32 daemon for regular (TCP/http) and secure (SSL/TLS/https) web servers. TinyWeb can: Handle http-requests, Execute CGI applicaions, Keep logs, and Allow using CGI instead of index.html.


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Scripts Related to - TinyWeb

Script Name

AnalogX SimpleServer:WWW

This is an easy to use Web server. The only thing you need to do is drag and drop files; then just click on the 'Start' button, and you're webserver is up and running, serving your pages to the world. SimpleServer minimizes to the system tray, so it doesn't take up valuable screen space when you're not working with it. SimpleServer:WWW supports MIME file typing, CGI, common log format, and multi-hosting, and more. If you've always wanted a compact, easy to use, versatile webserver, then SimpleServer may be your answer.


vqServer is a personal web server with support for password protection, file uploading, Java servlets and CGI scripts. Main features include: Enables hosting of web sites on any personal computer which supports Java, Comes with step-by-step instructions and a sample web site to get you started, Password protection of files and directories, Custom registration forms can be used to require visitors to your web site to register for access to files and services, Update your web site directly from web page editors, Remote server and web site administration using the web-based, easy-to-use control centre, and more.


Originally based on code and ideas found in the most popular HTTP server of the time, NCSA httpd 1.3, Apache has since evolved into a far superior system which can rival almost any other UNIX based HTTP server in terms of functionality, efficiency and speed. Since it began, it has been completely rewritten, and includes many new features. Apache is, currently enjoying over 50% market share, the most popular WWW server on the Internet.

Sambar Server

The Sambar Server is a multi-threaded HTTP, FTP and Proxy server. A Sambar Server Pro license is available which enables additional server functionality: Mail, DNS, SOCKs, Document Management and more. Key features include: Multi-threaded WWW Server with highly programmable API, ISAPI Extension support, DLL-based server APIs, HTTP 1.1 KeepAlive and byte-range Support, FTP Server, Mail Server, DNS Server & Forwarding Proxy, .htaccess support, AD/content filtering via HTTP Proxy, Integrated Full-text Search Engine, Integrated Log File Analysis, Perl 5 included with server, CGI 1.1 & WinCGI 1.3 support, SSI, Virtual domain support, Username/password and IP address based security, and much more.


Xitami is a high-quality portable free web server. Features include: Supports HTTP/1.0, FTP, CGI/1.1, SSI protocols, server-side image maps, user-defined MIME types, multiple document roots, persistent connections, customisable error messages, multilingual HTML documents and multilingual CGI scripts, HTTP GET, HEAD, PUT, DELETE, MOVE, and COPY methods; Basic authentication per directory, FTP access rights per user and per directory, on-the-fly user and password management, Unix setuid, restrict access by IP address, safe CGIs, SSL option; CLF, IIS, XML, and custom log file formats, programmed log file cycling; Multihoming HTTP and FTP hosts, HTTP/1.1 virtual hosts, full independent configuration per virtual host; Editable config files, or through a web-based administration interface (WBA) that includes virtual host wizard; Direct support for CGI scripts, SSI protocol for dynamic web pages, and much more.

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