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  • Simple Tiny Counter
    This is a very simple counter, which can be modified in seconds.
  • Text counter
    A flat file text counter in PHP. No database is required!
  • txtHit hit counter - Free
    txtHit is a simple but versatile hit counter that stores its data in a plain text file, so doesn't need a database. It is easy to install on multiple pages. It can track all or just unique hits, and can ignore hits from certain IP addresses. It also includes a simple report page.
  • Simple hit counter
    Simple hit counter will tell your visitors and yourself how many page views your website has had. No need for SQL or any database.
  • UVCS - GPL
    + Very simple text based counter. + No database needed. + Well commented php.
  • Powerful Hit Counter (+ Uniques)
    This is a simple yet very Powerful Stats operater that records Hits to your webpage along with Unique visitors using a MySQL Database, it can be added to multiple pages and can be incorporated with current site layout.
  • myStats - free
    Simple tool to track your visitors info eg: referrer, host, site hits using mysql as database. Easy installation
  • IP-LOGGER - freeware
    The IP-LOGGER records all accesses of your websites. Moreover not only the date and the IP number is stored, also the browser related by the User and the HTTP_REFERER. So you can see from which websites the User comes. The IP-LOGGER stores the data in a single TXT file and requires no MySQL databank. The IP-LOGGER contains also a reloadprotection
  • PhpMini Counter - GPL
    This is a very simple text based counter that counts how many people have visited your site. The good thing about this counter is that it is very easy to include into any site that you wish to!
  • Powercounter - Freeware
    This is a simple text-based counter with a IP-block system. Very easy to include. Counts and shows the number of visitors.
  • Visitor Counters - GPL
    Just copy the code in to your site and start using counters. Download the text file and give the values from which you want the counter to start from.
  • Bertman's Hitcounter - Free
    MySQL - PHP hitcounter. Uses sessions so Refresh site will not count. Has a Admin site to see who was on the site. Logs: Date, Time, IP, Computername, Operating System, Web-browser. You can put a counter on every PHP page, so the client doesn't have to come in to the main page.
  • HIOX Unique Visitor Counter
    a)counter that counts the visitor clicks on a web page b)This counts only unique clicks based on ipAddress. c)The visit from a ipAddress to a webpage will be counted only once every 24hrs. d)Initial/Starting count value can be set. e)Easy to use.
  • SmoothStats PHP
    A script that logs the number of visitors to your website, and displays information about which browser they are using. Written in PHP, this script allows you to see more detailed stats about your visitors, so that you can tailor the site and ensure compatibility for all visitors. Also, it is fairly small in size - weighing in at less than 8.5 KB.
  • Advanced WhoIsOnline
    Use this script to show how many people are currently surfing your web page. Great for statistical means and also just to give your site a cool look by impressing your visitors. Script with admin zone where you may see stats for all pages.
  • Basic Counter - Free
    Basic Counter is a bare-bones script for people who want to add a simple MySQL counter to their website. This script is very easy to install and run, should take only a couple of minutes to setup and start using.
  • Easy Unique (Mysql) Hit Counter!
    This is the first hit counter csstalk has developed. This counter is very good. One of the best :) It shows: Unique Hits: (Today's Hita) Then Total Hits: (All The Unique Hits You Had Over Time) Easy quick set up hit counter!
  • PHP text hit counter - Free
    PHPcount is a simple yet effective PHP text hit counter. It uses flat-text database so no SQL databases are necessary. It can count hits for multiple pages of your website or even websites on other servers. To prevent others taking advantage of your script a HTTP referer validation has been included as an option. The count is displayed on the page using a simple Javascript code. The script prints out only the number (i.e. 15344) which you can easily format with HTML code.
  • Qurinius Counter and Stats Suite - GPL
    Qurinius is a set of PHP scripts designed to facilitate varying website statistical needs, such as tracking daily and weekly visit statistics. Qurinius is not a hit counter, although it includes one. Qurinius can track unique visitors to your site, unique visits (i.e. sessions), and/or unique hits to given PHP webpages. This suite is free, customizable, and is open source. Requires PHP 4.x, MySQL 4.x
  • NDStats - FREE
    Has Total Hits, Unique Hits, Page Views, Hits Today, and the number of times a use has visited. Unlike others, which use IP's for their unique hits, this one uses a cookie, so you can be sure your unique hits are unique!

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