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  • Freeware Hit Counter
    This free web hit counter allows you to track hits on separate pages within your website, it is quick to install, and it easily integrates with the look of your website.
  • CounterHit - free (see license)
    CounterHit is a very easy to use ASP
  • EZ Counter - Freeware
    EZcounter is a simple easy to setup asp counter script. The script uses a text file to track the number of page views and display to a webpage.Use SSI, Include, or copy and paste into asp pages.
  • Softline Hit Counter - Freeware
    This is a simple text based counter that reads and writes to a text file.
  • Database Counter
    A simple ASP/Access-based counter to display the number of visitors to your site.
  • ASP-DB Visitor Counter - Free
    Simple and easy to set up counter script. Just include the *.asp file in the pages you want monitored.
  • Active Users Counter
    With this script you can show the number of active visitors in a given moment. The script has two parts: a file name global.asa, and a small code you must insert in your pages to show the number of active users.
  • ApiWare! myCounter - Free
    myCounter is a page hit counter system for your website to track the amount of people visiting your website daily.
  • Database hit counter - Free (GPL)
    A very basic hit counter that can remain hidden or viewable to the public. On each page view the counter increments, and you can start it on whatever you want to.
  • Simple asp counter - Free
    A simple ASP counter where each time a visitors gets to our page, a text file containing the number of visits will be open, the number read and increased by one and the result will be saved in the file.
  • Kaos hit counter mk2 - Free (GPL)
    This hit counter allows you to track site visitors by browser session. It uses a flatfile XML source to hold the counter values - no database required. It has the ability to track an almost unlimited number individual counters (you could theoretically have 75,000 counters or so). The value that is returned by the function is specified by you as well.. The script gives you complete control over its functionalities.
  • Database Hit Counter - Freeware
    This is a datbase driven ASP Hit Counter. Each line of the code is commented to make it easier for a beginner to follow or to customize. It is easy to set up, all you have to do for each page in your web site you would like a hit counter on is add a couple of lines of ASP. The database reference to each page is automactically written. An admin page is used to view hit counters with 2 hit counters and dates for each page one of which can be reset so you know exactly how many hits you have had on that page in a set time span.
  • ASP Session Counter - Free
    This is a simple ASP session counter that allows you to count how many unique user sessions were opened in your site. Useful for tracking the number of unique users.
  • STARK Counter - Free
    STARK Counter is a simple ASP script that counts the number of visitors to your site. All the data is stored in an Access database. Includes a password protected admin script to delete and alter the existing counters.
  • Hit Counter (DB) - Free
    This is an ASP counter script that uses a database to store the counts so it's really pretty easy to maintain multiple counts using this one file. All you need to do is include it into your asp file and it'll do the database work and print out the count for that file. It even automatically adds records when a page is first hit.
  • Sakki's ASP Counter - Free
    This is an ASP text counter using an Access database. It features: Cookie function, Add various counters to the same database (hit counter), and more.
  • Easy Text Page Counter - Free
    This very simple page counter will count hits on a .asp page and display the result in text format. Can be used to count multiple pages. Uses the FileSystemObject to create/edit text files on the server.
  • Johan Bohlin's Counter - Free
    This is a simple text-counter script. Just include counter.asp in the page where you want the counter. You can have a counter on all your page if you like, just include counter.asp.
  • ASP Hit Counter - Free
    This is a simple ASP hit counter. A text document is placed in the same directory as the page we want the counter to appear on. The .txt file is first read to gain the value of the last hit count, one is added to that number, written to the .txt document, closed and the counter value is written as text to the page.

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