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  • Super Simple Survey. - GPL
    Allows you to create tests, quizes, surveys and customer response forms in minutes without having to code your own HTML form. It's very simple to setup, sends responses via email and doesn't require a database so it's perfect for small sites and busy marketers. Only PHP 4 is required. Plus it's free!
  • Quiz-o-matic '76 - Free
    Add a quiz to your website in minutes. Test results are stored in a MySql database and displayed to you, the webmaster, in a concise, graphical interface. No MySql or PHP knowledge is necessary and the actual test is built in an HTML form which supports multiple choice and/or straight text answers. Any number of tests can be created and run simultaneously. Very straightforward and very easy to install and customize.
  • QuizShock - Commercial
    QuizShock is the next generation in quiz and trivia game management software. Features include a fully-animated Flash quiz interface, unlimited quizzes, a powerful control panel, and integration with other systems such as vBulletin 3, vBulletin 2, phpBB2, and Invision Power Board, and PHP-Nuke.
  • NueQuiz Pro Lite - FREE
    NueQuiz PRO Lite is a quick and simple solution for creating an online quiz. NueQuiz PROĂs truly dynamic architecture supports unlimited questions, choices, quizzes and the ability to randomly shuffle questions and choices. With an easy to use import system for NueQuiz PERL databases, and an automatic installation script upgrading and installing the software could not be easier.
  • xmlQuiz - Freeware
    xmlQuiz v1.0 is a simple quiz script. Using an XML file, you can easily add, edit, and delete questions. Questions can be
  • PPSurvey
    Modules for php-nuke 7.4 and upper PPSurvey 1.5b used for create questionnaire Can used Command Line Break Email TextBox TextArea Number Select Mulitple Choice Checkbox Scale Ranking Export to Microsoft Excel and SPSS This version : you can manage questionnaire and recorrect forms
  • QuizShock - Commercial
    QuizShock is the next generation in quiz management software. Features include a fully-animated Flash quiz interface, unlimited quizzes, a powerful control panel, and integration with other systems such as vBulletin2, vBulletin3, phpBB2, and Invision Power Board.
  • MultiWebQuiz - LinkWare
    MultiWebQuiz is a multiple choice test management system. Participants can select the number of questions they wish to answer at a time, view partial and full results of all tests taken in one session. Questions are sorted by subject area and displayed in a random order. MultiWebQuiz 1.4 supports questions with as many as 6 answer options in single, multiple answer or boolean answer mode. The quiz management system features an intuitive admin area with a rapid quiz creation tool and search utility. After editing the database configuration file, maintenance is effortless.
  • phpQuest - Freeware
    phpQuest is a phpQuest is a powerful PHP based quiz and test system. It offers many features and has a range of applications. Features include, various forms of quiz/test generation. Two methods of exportation you can use it to save to a local web server or let the user copy and paste code. Make a quiz which uses uploaded pictures to display as an out put or make it a test with out puts a percent. Have users be able to copy html code from the output to show others what they got on their test, this is a great way to get hits. All it needs in PHP4+ nothing else. ItĂs simple and easy to setup and it will work on almost any web server. Unlike other Test or Quiz systems in PHP they use SQL, and they can only do a test or a quiz.
  • Sunk Quiz Script - Free
    This script is a six question quiz/competition script. The quesions can be set easily with four possible answers for each question. Features: Cookie support to prevent the test being taken twice; E-mail validation check to insure valid e-mail is entered; Closing Date feature; E-Mails quiz taker confirming their score and invites them back to your URL; E-mails administrator with the e-mail address of quiz taker and score so you can monitor if someone has managed to take the quiz twice; E-mails administrator with closing date to remind you to end the competition.
  • starXtest - Free Trial / $24.99
    starXtest is a fully customizeable questionnaire/test script with online admin panel. It installs itself to the database and can be managed completely over a web interface. Features: customizable look and feel, unlimited numbers of tests, unlimited numbers of questions per test, unlimited numbers of result categories for each test, tcustomizable evaluation of each questions score, support for images in result outputs, generate copy and paste code for result display, have copy and paste code sent by email, and more. v.2.0 implements the possibility to create multiple choice tests. You can add as many custom answers to each question. The newest feature in v2.31 is the possibility to display percentage charts, displaying how many people each result generated.
  • JustAquiz 3 - $25
    With this script you can ask your visitors as many questions as you like. The visitors can choose between 4 answers. The script will count how many questions there where answered right and give the visitor points. YOu can choose the amount of points needed before the can enter the LIST OF FAME. With the admin function you can change the questions, answers and which answer is right. Also you can see how many people there are in your toplist and delete them if you like. There are no limits of how many questions or how many quizzes you can make. All the quizzes are on the INDEX where the player can choose the quiz wich they want to play. MySQL DB required. ** NEW ** - Add pictures with your questions - Icons in the list of fame - layout improved - Admin function improved
  • Auto Trivia - Free
    This script allows you to create Trivia pages with ease. You just need to enter the questions and it will automatticly generate the code and save the page. No configuration necessary, just upload it then chmod it and you're done.
  • Magia Questions - Affordable
    Magia Questions is a robust survey and questionnaire management system that includes: unlimited categorized surveys, anonymous & registered surveys, 10 question types, response reports, and customizable interfaces that are designed with your favorite HTML editor. Magia Questions is part of the Magia Business Application Suite.
  • PHPTestManager - Free(GPL)
    With PHPTestManager you can create and manage tests online. User are divided in Administartors (can perform any task), Moderators (can create tests, groups, etc.), normal users (can take tests; they can be put in groups).
  • Teeniebopper Test - free
    Feel free to change it and whatever. Just give me an email telling me your are using it.
  • The QNet - BSD
    A quiz / test creating script that includes login system. Users can create and edit quizzes and can also take other users' quizzes. All quiz results are stored in a user's profile for later reference. Requires PHP and MySQL.
  • Quizzermania - ă 89.00
    Now new: with time bonus if you answer a question in a short time. New language files for english, spanish and german. A trivia game and quiz creation system. New features: Quiz Contest - Challenge each player for a contest, set points as bet and improve your highscore. Features include unlimited games, unlimited questions, questions with pictures, high scores, user registration, user-management, game-archive, newsletter, time-limit, end-date for games and more. Players can post questions and get bonus points for it; Who's online; Customizable colors in the admin, customizable Header and Footer. Requires PHP 4.x and MySQL 3.23.
  • Quirex PHP - 29.80
    This script allows the quiz-taker to select the number of questions he wants to attemp. The script will take the number of questions randomly from the database and display them in random order. After the answers are submitted, a page of results will be displayed showing the quiz-taker's answer and the correct answer of each question. It also counts the number of questions he has got correct. In addition, the script can also keep a record of challengers, recording their names, emails, number of questions attemped and their scores, and display the results of the most recent challengers.
  • York Online Exam Scripts - $119.00
    If you are looking for a quick and easy way to add an exam to your site then you have found it. What's really nice about the scripts sold by York is the documentation. How many times have you bought (or downloaded) a program and simply did not know why a particular page was included This will never happen when you order scripts form York. In our documentation we include a page list that not only tells you the file names but what each page does.

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