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Title Templates, The PHPLIB Way
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Category PHP » Tips and Tutorials » Content Management
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Description Templates let you completely separate your PHP code from the HTML, which makes the HTML graphic designers very happy and keeps them from messing up your precious programming. This tutorial explains how to use PHPLIB Template in your PHP scripts. Main topics include: Using PHPLIB Template, Nested Templates, and Appending Template Text.


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Template-Based Web Sites as Easy as P-H-P

This article describes how to create an online database of movie entries to practice incorporating PHP templates into your web sites.

Making the Most of Sitewide Headers and Footers

One of the most powerful features of PHP is its ability to reduce the amount of site maintenance you need to do. By setting up a consistent site template, you can reduce the effort needed to create new pages, and you can also make it much easier to change the design of your entire site. This tutorial takes you through a simple example of how to set up and access a site template.

PHP Snurk

When you run a database-driven website, it makes sense to generate pages on the fly. PHP, MySQL, and Apache let you do just that. But they don't make it pretty. How many times have you had to create a URL that looks like this: snurk=123, when what you wanted was a URL like The PHP Snurk lets you make such search-engine friendly URLs for dynamically-generated pages. All you need is the ability to run custom CGI scripts, an .htaccess file, and a little bit of time and effort.

Develop a PHP User Personalization System

User Personalization is a must-know and must-have for any site thats wants to make it somewhere. It customizes the user's experience, causing them to just plain 'like' your site better. Learn the basics of making such as system in PHP.

Using Include To Avoid Unnecessary Repetition

Simple tutorial showing how to use the function include for simplifying your Web page authoring. Useful for header and footer insertion for multiple pages.

Changing Background Colors Based On Day Of Week

Explains how to change your Web page background based on date in two ways: using if elseif and else statement, and using array.

Building Dynamic Pages With Search Engines in Mind

This tutorial shows you how to make a site database-driven, but still indexable by search engines. It also explains how to create a site to be co-brandable whose look-and-feel are dependent on which "affiliate" site was being accessed.

Templates - why and how to use them in PHP3

This tutorial shows you how to create a template-based Web site using FastTemplate class by <a href=>CDI</a>. By using FastTemplate you can change the look of your entire web site in seconds, use abstract programming without HTML, and your Webpage designer does not need to take care of all that "fuzzy" code.

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