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Title Template Web
Platform Unix
Price Freeware
Author Visit Author Website
Website Visit Website of - Template Web
Category Perl & CGI » Scripts and Programs » Content Management
Hits 570
Description Do you have a web page, and sometimes you get bored with the current look and want to completely change it around but don't want to change every single HTML file? Template Web is a script that allows you to use the concept of a template for an entire web site, and you can build your site around it.


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Scripts Related to - Template Web

Script Name

JGP Includes Engine

JGP Includes Engine is a simple script that creates pages with custom header and footer files. Useful for those whose server allows custom CGI scripts, but does not allow you to use Server Side Includes (SSI).

Genesis Web Authoring System

Multi-user browser-based web authoring system. Supports user accounts, delegated authoring privileges, template-based and HTML-source editing, multiple file uploads. Freeware and registered versions available with source.

Master Syndicator

Master Syndicator lets you deliver your content to multiple web sites with the click of a button. Simply provide two small lines of code to the receiving site. Every time you update your content those web sites are automatically updated, too. Features: Make your content available to everyone; Your content can never be altered by the receiving web site; No limit to how many simultaneous syndication feeds you can run, each feed with its own content; Manage syndicated content via a browser based control panel; Upload plain text by copying and pasting articles or any other content; Automatically translate hyperlinks without using HTML.

Master Syndication Gateway

Features: You can make content available to everyone. If someone abuses your property ban their web site from receiving it; You can make content available exclusively for domains that are on your authorized list; The content you upload for syndication will update remote sites immediately OR you can set it to update at a future date; Count the number of times content was pushed to each individual syndication site; The content you upload can never be altered by the receiving web site; Syndicated content is managed via an easy browser based control panel; Upload plain text by copying and pasting articles or other content you've already written. The results on the receiving site will look just like the rest of their web pages, and many more.

Chico Digital Web Tool

Chico Digital Web Tool is a browser-based web site editor/content management system. Non-technical users can add and edit Web pages without any knowledge of HTML or FTP, and are able to preview each page with a single click. Pages are based on HTML templates. Web Tool creates a tree structure of static web pages and all link management is handled by the program.Doesn't need a SQL database, only Perl/CGI access.


PhotoSite is an extensible perl site which heavily uses a mysql backend. The author writes "Something I threw together for myself that is mainly geared around posting photos, but I decided to make it modular so that it could easily be expanded." It retrieves all of its content from a mysql database so some mysql knowledge will be required.


cssfile is a perl script to allow user-selectable (via cookie) CSS stylesheets in a web page. Can also concatenate multiple stylesheets or fragments.


TWiki is a flexible, powerful, and simple Web-based collaboration platform. You can use TWiki to run a project development space, a document management system, a knowledge base, an issue tracking system or any other groupware application. It looks and feels like a normal Intranet or Internet Web site. In addition, there is an Edit link on every page to change or create content by using just a Web browser. Features include automatic link generation, full text search, authorization based on groups, web form handling, email notification of changes, SSI, file attachments to Web pages, revision control of pages and attachments, a modular templating system with skins and more. The Plugins API can be used to build new groupware applications. Existing Plugins are spreadsheet, calendar, TOC, and more.

EnB WebJournal

EnB WebJournal is a very simple web journal program using DB_File. Writes to a .db file each entry. The journal.cgi script will allow add/remove/edit/read (edit/delete/add are password protected by my_password.cgi and setup_password.cgi). Display.cgi will just show each article, in sequence. The index.shtml is used for SSI servers. If you can run cgi's from any directory, just rename display to index.cgi. That should do it. Thin little readme.journal included.


Allpagedit is a very easy to install Perl cgi script that allows you to edit "wysiwyg" HTML files online.

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