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Title Tagified
Platform linux
Price Linkware
Author Visit Author Website
Website Visit Website of - Tagified
Category PHP » Scripts and Programs » Guestbooks
Hits 761
Description Tagified is a simple and clean looking tagboard script that's still under devlopment. It is valid XHTML and uses CSS to chage the looks. Made to be included in an iframe. Through an admin panel, you can edit and delete the tags, and also view the persons IP.


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Scripts Related to - Tagified

Script Name

Cbb - creative guestbook software

Cbb is an advanced guestbook written in the server side scripting languages PHP and MySQL. It has an huge admin control panel and many features like smilies, CbbCodes, posticons, avatars etc. Just take a look!


Free guestbook written in PHP. Features: no database needed, easy to setup, administration interface, full customizable design, everyone can give a comments, BB code and smilies support, e-mail notification, badwords warning, characters limit, selectable-length word, multiple languages support, and much more...


* Features of v2.0.100604 + Front-end: users can resort the view of entries found in guestbook by guestname/email/url or signed time. + Back-end(Control Panel) . Switch between skins (2 default skins: VGB Default Skin & Chrome Style) . Manage/Add new Skin . Manage Admin Account . Manage Comments with Admin reply feature (The reply can be sent to guest's email) . Edit VGB Settings * Downloading: + For newest version of VGuestBuk, keep in touch with VGB's Homepage. * Requirements: + PHP & MySQL ----------------- VGuestBuk is a guestbook written in PHP that uses MySQL to store data. It has a nice interface and is easy to customize by editting templates (without touching any sourcecode). It includes some special and very unique features. VGuestBuk also has a Control Panel to manage your entries and change your guestbook's settings (use avatar, rate, smilies,...) & Flood Protection. VGuestBuk is very easy to install and configure but still very secure. New style is available for you to download. Version 2 of VGuestBuk with Admin Reply feature is coming or you get it from VCMS at

Fantastic Guestbook

Fantastic Guestbook has a powerful admin area to manage the guestbook but is also simple to use. It supports Avatars, Smilies, badword filter and banning of ip addresses. It uses templates so any part of it can be modified. It includes an update checker so you can always keep it up to date with the latest fixes and new features.

Booker Version

Booker is an online Guestbook to add visitor commentary and interaction to your website. This is a very good addition to any website and helps gain comments on your website. Booker includes features such as an Administration panel, ability to add/edit/remove entries, view IP Addresses, add comments to entries, and has the ability to use Smilies. Changing the look of the guestbook is very simple too. Very fast and easy installation. This solution uses a Flat File Database (MySQL is not required).

Guest Book Version

This is the classic Post-it guest book program. It instantly updates when their info is submitted. It displays the submission from most recent at the top. The program comes with about fifty images so you can change the look and instructions in a zip file. It's fully functional, so try it. It requires PHP and MySQL.

Extreme-Design GuestBook

This GuestBook is using a SQL database. It is very easy to setup and it has many accesories: emoticons, you can enter name, email, webpage, country. It has protection for bad words. You can add or remove the bad words from the database.

Guest Book

This Guest Book registers users and their comments. And for good measure upload a picture to be place beside their comment. The image is stored for you to review to prevent inappropriate material. If they desire the poster can choose an image from a image library. This is our most popular and requested Guestbook at ultimate PHP. The Guest Book comes with 25 stock images. You can use your own images as stock images such as Dungeons & Dragon Icons or Pokeman. Requires MySQL

jBook - Guestbook script

php, mysql, templates, richedit, backwards editing (by cookies). installation script, easy administration. changelog: + thread template + tree template

signkorn guestbook

A high quality PHP/MySQL guestbook script, that can be more than just a guestbook. Template based with editor, multi-language support, smilies and avatars supported, image upload, moderation, e-mail notification on new entry, answer function, automatic url formatting, floodcheck, badword filter, bbcode support and IP logging are just a few features.

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