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Title TCLink
Platform Unix
Price Free (LGPL)
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Category PHP » Scripts and Programs » E-Commerce » Credit Card Processing
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Description TCLink is a PHP module that processes credit card transactions through the TrustCommerce payment gateway. Features include: An easy-to-use interface; Encryption using SSL and trusted certificates; Fast transactions times (average about 1.2 secondse nd-to-end); and Fail-over to geographically distributed servers for extreme reliability. It is licensed under the LGPL. Full source code is included, as well as developer documentation and example PHP scripts.


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Scripts Related to - TCLink

Script Name

Credit Card Validation Solution

A set of open source scripts that ensure credit card information is keyed in correctly. Checks numbers for length, falling within accepted ranges, the Mod 10 / Luhn checksum and that you accept the given type. Tells type based on the number. Expiration date validation is optional. Error messages are internationalized. New languages can be easily added. Works for American Express, Australian BankCard, Carte Blanche, Diners Club, Discover/Novus, JCB, MasterCard and Visa.


TwoCheckout lets you build support for accepting payments via You simply pass the order amount and invoice number to this script and it constructs the proper URL and redirects the visitor to the 2Checkout site. Also included is a basic sample "post-back" script which 2Checkout will post transaction notifications to.


VeriSignup allows you to integrate Verisign's PayFlowLink credit card processing functionality right into your own website! Accept your customers' credit card information and securely post the transaction to Verisign in the background. Your customer never has to leave your site. Instantly know whether a transaction was approved or declined.


AuthorizeIt allows you to integrate's credit card processing functionality right into your own website. Accept your customers' credit card information and securely post the transaction to in the background, without your customer ever leaving your site.

Credit Card Number check

Validates the Credit Card number without even connecting wtih payment gateway. This uses alngorithm to validate the credit card number. you preview it before buying it. Paypal payments are accepted.

E-Payment integration

E-Payment supports credit card processing with SurePay,, PayPal, 2CheckOut, Fedex. If you want to sell products or services online and accept payments with credit cards(Visa, MasterCard, Checks) we offer complete integration.

PHP interface to SurePay Payment Gateway

This code snippet creates an XML request with PHP, and uses cURL to post it to the Surepay Classic test server. Surepay's XML response is then parsed into an array, and the array is analyzed to determine if the credit card was authorized, declined or referred. You will have to alter this script for production use. There is also information about alternative payment gateway products.

AIM Payment Bridge

This PHP script acts as a bridge between the purchaser and Authorize.Net Payment Gateway. The Advanced Integration Method (AIM) uses a direct secure sockets layer (SSL) connection to the Payment Gateway and is Authorize.Net's recommended connection method. AIM is also referred to by Authorizenet as ADC Direct Connection Method. AIM Payment Bridge includes Verification Code Support, MD5Hash Hash Support, and emails your order details when a successful transaction has been approved by Authorize.Net. It also dynamically creates your order form for you! If you have a few products to sell, you can do it quickly and easily with this script.

Authorize.Net Payment Module for X-Cart

KillerSoft Authorize.Net Payment Module for X-Cart supports ADC Direct Connect and AIM gateway connection methods. Other features include: PHP cURL Library support; Code optimization; MD5 Hash Security support; AIM Certification Testing Mode; Intelligent Testing Modes (allows testing on individual transactions on a store that is taking live orders); CVV2 Response Handling Bug Fixes.

Commercial Interface For

Packaged as a PHP Class this script supports all the latest features including: md5 crosscheck support for security; cvv2 card code validation; avs address validation; libcurl for total security; multiple transaction types; compound transactions (prior_auth, run func, capture); zend encoded and optimized for speed.

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