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Title Syntax Desktop
Platform unix, win nt, xp, linux
Price GPL
Author Visit Author Website
Website Visit Website of - Syntax Desktop
Category PHP » Scripts and Programs » Content Management
Hits 594
Description Syntax Desktop is a innovative pubblishing system to manage content website. It has an attractive GUI, with DHTML element. With Syntax you can insert news, photos, document, tree data structures into your website. Easy DB backup, style switching.


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Scripts Related to - Syntax Desktop

Script Name

Pro Clan Manager

Pro Clan Manager gives you the ability to set up and run your own professional clan, game team website with no previous knowledge of web design or any other web programming language. Choose from a range of different styles to change the look and functionality of your site and make it original and stand out from the rest. Login and talk to your team members through your site while adding pictures to your screenshots gallery.


WEBInsta÷ provides a individual or a small business or organization to put up a professional looking website up in minutes . It does not require on the users part to know any HTML ( experience will be helpful ) or PHP . It tries to provide a clean cut separation between the programming logic and the design logic using a fast and efficient template engine . It was built because we wanted to provide a simple but effective CMS for people who were just looking to put up a web presence or a simple website and do no want to use a full blown portal management system. With lots of templates availible at the WEBInsta website and simple to use interface with minimal configuration , it provides the perfect platform to start your website on .

Fast Template

We find Fast Template very usefull in our projects, even if now is on the market other template systems, like Smarty. Most PHP projects today use Smarty for this, but we won't. Smarty puts too much logic into the template itself. To avoid confusing or upsetting the web designer, the core template must look as much like a regular HTML page as possible. That means no strange looking iteration code and such. Instead, we'll use FastTemplate. FastTemplate may not be as advanced and featureful as Smarty, but its syntax is definitely better suited for this problem. But because it was not developed since 2002, we tried to add some new functionalities to it and make it reusable. Templates are very useful for CGI programming, because adding HTML to your PHP code clutters your code and forces you to do any HTML modifications. By putting all of your HTML in seperate template files, you can let a graphic or interface designer change the look of your application without having to bug you, or let them muck around in your PHP code.

Power Editor 2.0

With power editor you can edit, view, delete, download your files online. You can also upload files in any directory. It requires no configurartion just upload it into your home directory thats all. Updated version is password protected.


Cynus is a Content Magement System aimed to provide academic establishments with a means of simple yet elegant website generation. Its modular design and unique plugin repository system make extending features and upgrading simple.


In CarvCP, you have a site and a easy-to-use admin center-you log in, where you have many places to go from there. You can add or edit content/news, change your designs, add and edit site affiliates, upload files, turn your site offline and online, and much more. Once you change something, you can see the results on your main site right away. With CarvCP, your site is fully customizable and easier than using plain HTML. Once you update your design, all pages are automatically updated! To access content, just go to index.php act=Content Title and you're there. You can even sort out your content by categories. News automaticaly shows up on your main page. You can even take news from your IPB forum to show, and your users' forum name can be shown at the top of the screen.


Want A Login Want Interactivity Users Can Register, Login, and more with this script on your site. It has an exclusive admin panel, where you can edit users, get exclusive help from the peoplle who made the script and more!

PhpMini Content

This is a very basic and simple content manager. This script makes the process of adding content much faster. The best thing is that you may include it into any site you wish with ease! Brand New Version Released! <br><br><br> <b>Version 1.2</b><br> Add Content<br> Edit Content<br> Delete Content<br> Edit Fonts/Backgrounds<br> Pages made into .html<br> Template file to be more customizable!


Modules: D++CMS is an open source web content management framework by D++. It consists of separate modules for WYSIWYG editor (IE + Mozilla), navigation, styles, media, database backup management, caching, etc. Multiple languages are supported. Extensibility: For maximum flexibility D++CMS can be easily integrated or combined with other static/dynamic HTML pages. Templates creation requires some PHP skills. But so own or 3rd party PHP code can be added to the templates. It's even possible to enter PHP code as dynamic content, if needed. D++CMS supports webgrab to integrate content form other scripts or servers during runtime. D++CMS is based on PEAR::DB (code is included).

Bed & Breakfast CMS and Reservation System

Easy to manage and update CMS with booking and availability reservation system. Designed for small bed & breakfast or small hotel. It handles the reservations and could easily be interfaced with your front desk and manage all your reservations. System was written using a combination of PHP for the programming and Dreamweaver for the layouts. A full demo is available at the admin login is admin and the password is demo.

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