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Title SuperZone Guestbook
Platform Unix, Windows NT
Price $10
Author Visit Author Website
Website Visit Website of - SuperZone Guestbook
Category Perl & CGI » Scripts and Programs » Guestbooks
Hits 2296
Description Unlike most other guestbook programs. Instead, SuperZone Guestbook puts the latest message at the top of the list of messages. This means that people don't have to scroll down messages just to see some of the new messages that have been left.


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Scripts Related to - SuperZone Guestbook

Script Name

Advanced Guestbook

Same features as normal guestbook, plus adds database feature that keeps guestbook info in database. Saves space, increases ease of configuration. Now script views 10 entries at a time. It also comes with an admin script that allows you to delete selected entries for database-based guestbooks.

Lars Ellingsen's Guestbook System

This is a comprehensive guestbook system with a number of highly configurable features. Some of its main features include: User defined form, view and preview-page, in HTML, User defined HTML-code between the entries in the view-page, E-mail notification, User defined Thank-you e-mail to each guest, Anti-spam feature, Sort the entries in reverse order, Configurable time format, Show old datafiles, Limiting the number of messages that is shown is possible, Several languages supported by special language-files, Strip the message for any kind of HTML-tags, Optional picture support, Bad words filter and Duplicated message check.

FTLS' Guestbook

FTLS' Guestbook is a classical guestbook script where visitors can write comments about your Web site.

BNBBOOK Guest Book Processor Script

BNBBOOK is an easy to install and configure guestbook script with many useful features. Some of its main features are: Autorespond letter to signer, Filters out your list of dirty words, Domain check to prevent offsite calling of the script, Newest entry at top of the book, Easy to modify letters and guestbook entry formats, Handles 'private' messages, Allows for signers to use HTML, Removes all HTML comments to prevent SSI hacks, MUNG e-mail address to foil spam-spiders, Specify required entry fields and Validates E-mail address formatting.

Matt Wright's Guestbook

Guestbook allows you to set up your own comments page. From there, visitors can add entries to your guestbook and they will be displayed with the most recent at the top and scrolling down or vice versa. Other options include the ability to limit HTML in the entry, link to e-mail address with mailto tag, use a log to log entries, redirect to a different page after signing, e-mailing whenever a new entry is added and much more.

Tectonic Designs: Guestbook

This is a guestbook program that edits a web page and is not generated by CGI on the fly. This means that when users view it, it comes up much faster! In addition, it can block cussing and bad language, block HTML, send e-mail when signed. Verifies e-mail and http addresses when entered, limit the number of entries in a file and support as many guestbooks as you want.

Jason's Guestbook

This guestbook allows visitors to leave a little information and a comment about themselves and logs each new entry at the top. You have the option to receive an e-mail with every new addition to your guestbook. Also, the script will eliminate any fields that are not filled in by the visitor. However, the visitor must fill in their name and a comment, the others are optional.

Easy Guestbook Generator

EZGuest allows you to offer guestbook services at your site. Visitors to your site will be able to create their own guestbooks simply by filling in a few fields. You can change color selections, control email acknowledgement and modify retention rules any time without bothering the guestbook entries. EZGuest is a modified version of the guestbook script originally written by Matt Wright.

Cliff's Really Nifty Guestbook

An easy to configure guestbook script that allows you to limit the number of entries displayed on each page, can be set to email you every time someone signs your guestbook, creates statistics, allows you to limit the number of guestbook entries, let you easily add and remove images, delete and edit entries, etc, from an admin page can be set to email you every time someone tries to delete an entry with the wrong password, allows your users to preview their messages before signing and gives users the change to add images to their message.


A flexible guestbook script that uses a user-defined template to guide how entries are added, giving you total control over the look and feel of the guestbook page. Includes a basic language censor (if wanted), IP address banning (if needed), variable success page, top or bottom entry additions, and more!

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