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Title Stats
Platform Windows, Linux, Unix
Price $79
Author Visit Author Website
Website Visit Website of - Stats
Category PHP » Scripts and Programs » Web Traffic Analysis
Hits 595
Description InterAKT Online has designed and developed a complex site access storage and retrieval system, allowing detailed access statistics especially for dynamic sites, where normal log analysis is no longer efficient. Using standard tracking methods (cookies), Stats can track visitors return rate and other related information: time spent on the site, referrals, etc. Moreover, detailed statistics are shown, like number of visits, unique visitors and the number of hits. Various tops are extracted from the access information, including most visited pages, most active users and most curious users.


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Scripts Related to - Stats

Script Name


Creates a monthly statistic for you to see, how many people has been visited your web-site. You can see in detailed table view or in graphic bar-view how many and when the people has been visited. Graphic view scalable and configable in color and sizes. Relad & Ipblocker. Requires MySql. Requires PHP.

IP to Country resolver

With IP to Country resolver you can know your visitors Country from their IP. The script features a mysql table with all IPs resolved.


keywoRRds allows you to view which are the most frequent keywords being used on search engines to find your website. It also helps you find keywords that your visitors are using but that aren't on your website.

PHPDemon MySQL Based Hit Counter

This is a simple PHP script that logs the number of unique visitors to your web site and stores the data in a MySQL database.

Search engine referrers 2

This will log all of the search engine queries used to find your site in all of the most popular search engines. It will save each query and list them by how many hits that query has brought you. It will also show you the last 20 queries used to find your site. You also have the option of redirecting certain search engine strings to a certain page, so if someone comes to your website after searching for something like

Visitor counter

Of course there are a lot of counters here and elsewhere on the net. This class is not only a counter but also visitor registration tool. It stores (if available) the visitors IP-address, the HTTP_REFERER, the accessed page, the client, date and time into the database. You can use this data easily for further statistics. It's possible to set the time how often a visitor is registered in the database without the use of cookies and sessions.

Yahoo Web Rank

Yahoo's WebRank system allows you to view how Yahoo "thinks" of a site (a rating between 0-10). This tool allows you to see that value.

ebiz-stats Statistics in realtime!

ebiz-stats delivers accurate realtime website statistics with detailed visitor tracking. Get in-depth and meaningful reports with a single mouseclick and see how your visitors navigate through your website. ebiz-statsis easy, fast and efficient to use!

MnM-Stats Pro

Reports for: Hours, Days, Weeks, Weekdays, Months, Years, Pages, Systems, OSs, Browsers, Color Depths, Search Engines, Keywords, IPs, Referrers, Languages, Countries. Supports(easily incremented): 25 browsers, 14 OSs, All possible screen resolutions, Over 100 Search Engines(worldwide), Robots & Crawlers, Themes, Multilingual. Admin Functionality: Interface to make changes on how the script runs, Language preference, Pwd protect your stats, IP blocking, Visitors online timeout & session timeout, Set # rpp, Timezone, Pwd sent to admin if forgotten, Optimize, Check, Analise & Repair data, Backup some or all stats, Restore previously backed up data, Reset stats back to zero, Check for updates, Download stats in .xls (Microsoft« Excel) format, and more..

Mojo Clicks

Mojo Clicks is a simple click-through tracker. It can easily be installed in just 4 steps: 1) Create the database 2) Load the mysql tables 3) Configure the database definitions file 4) Use the script It uses PHP and MySQL to process data. Features: 1) Links and referrers can easily be edited to reflect descriptive names 2) Links and referrers can also be categorized The benefit of having the referrer is to know what pages produce the most number of click-throughs.

Google Search


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