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  • .netECOMMERCE Software for ASP.NET
    Your source for a fully featured shopping cart, multi-processor real-time payment processing component with native processor support, real-time shipping rating and tracking, live currency exchange, country IP mapping, dynamic button generation and more!
  • ADXSTUDIO - Free Trial/$1,800
    ADXSTUDIO is an affordable and integrated family of ASP and ASP.NET components that provide a web development solution for developers in a Windows 2000 Server, SQL Server 2000, and Active Directory environment. Key features include a content management system, an interaction management solution and an open, extensible web development framework. Developer tools consist of a software development kit for ASP and ASP.NET, a web console, XSLT library, JavaScript library and developer documentation.
  • AspDotNetStorefront - $149.95
    Welcome to AspDotNetStorefront, one of the most versatile and customizable shopping carts available. Includes all C# source code and SQL Database schema.
  • AspDotNetStorefront - 149.95
    Welcome to AspDotNetStorefront, one of the most versatile and customizable shopping carts available. Includes all C# source code and SQL Database schema.
  • Lattice.DataMapper
    Lattice.DataMapper is a persistence framework for .NET. Lattice.DataMapper provides a simple and flexible way to map objects to relational database. Unlike most other O/R Mapper using dynamic SQL, Lattice.DataMapper uses static SQL, either stored procedures or SQL statement. Lattice.DataMapper simply uses one or more external XML mapping files to map objects to stored procedures or SQL statement. Lattice.DataMapper is configured using a central XML configuration file, which provides configuration details for Data Sources, Data Providers and path of mapping file. Lattice.DataMapper is easy to use and learn. Simplicity is the biggest advantage of Lattice.DataMapper over other frameworks and object relational mapping tools. To use Lattice.DataMapper you need only be familiar with XML, stored procedures and SQL. Lattice.DataMapper provides the platform and flexibility to build your own architecture and you, the developer, have the full power of both stored procedures and SQL at your fingertips. Lattice.DataMapper also includes a XML/XSLT template-based tool for generating stored procedures and business entities which support MS SQL Server, Oracle and IBM DB2 UDB. Main features: ˛Support for different data providers and multiple data sources. ˛Support distributed transactions without deriving from the ServiceComponent. ˛Non- instructive O/R mapping, there is no PersistenceObject base class. ˛Map objects to relational database using either stored procedures or static SQL statement. ˛Logging and error handling using Log4net framework. ˛XML/XSLT template based tool to auto-generate stored procedures and business entities.
  • CLS EASY AMAZON BOOKSTORE allows developers to integrate with their inventory of 1000's of books, and products using the AWS - API. Imagine setting this up in 15 minutes and then collecting affiliate commissions (5%-15%) for your sales for a lifetime! This package is very small, easy to understand and implement; consisting of an XSLT file (transformation of XML), BookStore ASPX (complete with Categories and Search features), and a Results ASPX Page (all results re-use the same page dynamically). Thats it! only 3 files and you can have a fully functional book store accessing 1000's of titles. The ASPX files use CSS stylesheets, so that they integrate seamlessly into your existing website.*NOTE: you need to get an amazon affiliate id, and developers id (free from amazon).
  • XenoCode
    XenoCode is the powerful, flexible, and easy-to-use code protection and optimization solution for .NET developers. XenoCode's .NET analysis and recompilation engine protects your code from decompilation, profiles and enhances application performance, and offers comprehensive support for the .NET framework, including MC++ and satellite assemblies.
  • Aggregator (Tabbed Modules) (DotNetNuke Module)
    - Saves valuable screen real estate by wrapping any number of DotNetNuke modules within a tabbed interface - Each tab takes on the name of the module that it wraps - Includes 5 different tab positions: Top, Bottom, Right, Left and Inline - Infinitely customizable using CSS styles so you can match your site look and feel - You can provide styles for the following: TabStrip - style applied to the container that the tabs are shown in TabUnselected - style applied to the unselected tabs TabSelected - style applied to the selected tab TabMouseOver - style applied when mousing over any unselected tabs TabPage - style applied to the pages containing your modules - Styles are grouped into themes, so all you have to do is specify a single theme name to switch all 5 styles at once - Since module titles are not necessary when shown in tabs, you can automatically hide all your module titles with a single setting - All tab changes are client-side so there is no postback to slow your users down or tie up your server - Selected tabs stay selected even if you move back and forth through the site
  • Lexysoft eCommerce Framework
    Lexysoft eCommerce Framework is a scalable business-to-consumer (B2C) shopping cart software that supports unlimited product catalogs and multi-languages. It has easy to use backoffice tools that allow you to manage your catalogs and orders anytime and anywhere in the world. Its code base is 100% written in C# and it uses the latest server-based Microsoft technology -- ASP.NET. ASP.NET is the next generation version of classic Active Server Pages (ASP) and is considered to be more robust, secured, and easiest to deploy.
  • EaseSoftLinearControl
    EaseSoft ASP.NET Barcode Web Server Control is full design-time and run-time support. Our ASP.NET Linear Barcode Web Controls can easily generate the barcodes on the fly to your ASP.NET web application. EaseSoft Linear Barcode Web Controls support most barcode symbologies including Code 39, Extended Code 39, Code 128, UCC/EAN-128,Industrial 2 of 5 Planet, Interleaved 2 of 5,Codabar, UPC A,UPC E, EAN 13, EAN 8,BOOKLAND,MSI, Code 11, Code 93.
  • CRM Software for free - GPL
    Free CRM software download and information. Online CRM demo account information, use demo1/demo1
  • SQLView (DotNetNuke Module)
    Features include: - specify sql query as a select from a table, view or stored procedure - sorting ascending/descending on each column - customizable formatting for the grid, header row, even row and odd row - display an additional header and/or footer comment - token replacement for PortalId, ModuleId, TabId and UserId, plus QueryString parameters - restriction of any sql text with INSERT, SELECT INTO, DELETE, UPDATE or DROP statement (this option may be disabled with a web.config setting) - optional OLEDB connection string option if you don't want to query the default portal database - includes MS SQL and Access Data Provider
  • Passage Portal .NET
    Passage Portal .NET provides portal and content management features right out of the box. Highly and secure and reliable. Ideal for extranet or web site portals. Develop portlets using Visual Studio.NET. Source code examples included.
  • no-de.NET shop
    * Dynamic Horizontal Category Menu - Shows your store categories across the top. * Dynamic Vertical Category Menu - Shows your store categories in the traditional lefthand location. * Product Search - Enhanced keyword search and advanced search by SKU, ISBN, Product Name, Manufacturer and more. * Special Listing Menu - Links to special store pages like; Closeouts, New Releases, Best Sellers. Personalized pages for; Bargain List (customers can select products and be automatically notified when they go on sale), Wish List (customers can add their favorite products to a list so they can return to the store and easily buy) and Reorder List (for consumables and other items your customers are likely to reorder). * Customer Service Pages - Allow your customers to easily find out all they need to know about your store and procedures. Handy templates can be customized to provide your store's specific information. * Product Info Fields - Tell your customers everything they could possibly want to know about your products. Standard Package, Manufacturer, Dimensions, Normal Shipping Info and more. * Multiple Product Images - Links to large images and links to an unlimited number of other views of your products in popup windows. * Cross Sell to Increase Sales - Our convenient Cross Sell links tell you customers of other products that may interest them. * Email to a Friend - Let's your customers send friends links to product pages or the complete page! * Personalized Customer Lists - Let's customers create their own product lists (Wish List, Bargain List and ReOrder List). Very handy for developers 5 min deployment. Easy for end user to use update products.(Browser based admin)
  • Easy Projects .NET Enterprise
    EasyProjects.NET - the latest generation web based Project Management System. It is called "Easy Projects" for a reason - it was specifically designed to make project management hassle free and straightforward. Using multi-nesting projects and tasks, detailed statistics and reports, email notifications and alerts, issues and requests tracking, message board and other useful features you will be able to track and organize any type of project.
  • Replicator - Freeware
    The Replicator will copy any file and is extremely easy to use! Plenty of options and best of all, it's freeware. Copy software or Application, but please do not make copies of software you do not own. Freeware - for business and personal use
  • SweetSuite.NET Learning Management System (ssLMS)
    ssLMS stands for SweetSuite.NET Learning Management System. Using the latest Microsoft development platform (.NET - C#) we have created a training product that is extremely easy to use. ssLMS allows course instructors to rapidly develop courses materials and exams that can be as simple or complex as they desire. Access to the ssLMS system is 100% web-based, allowing students to manage their learning when it is convenient for them. An ideal way to provide distance education programs. Royalty-free implementation, unlimited domains. Live demo on the SweetSuite.NET site.
  • New Portsight Meta Tree 2.0 Released! - $499
    PortSight Meta Tree 2.0, a successful content management component for .NET, was released. Meta Tree simplifies building of ASP.NET applications that organize relational and unstructured data in hierarchical structures. You can easily manage data and metadata using a unified API with functions including full-text search, multilingual support, management of users, tree structures and permissions.
  • ASPRunner.NET - $149
    ASPRunner.NET creates set of ASP.NET pages to access and modify Oracle, SQL Server, MS Access , DB2, MySQL, FileMaker database or any other ODBC datasource. Using generated ASP.NET pages users can search, edit, delete and add data into database. ASPRunner.NET is easy to learn, you can get started in just 10 minutes!
  • TCDesigner
    TCDesigner brings class to the chore of creating your classes! You'll have TCDesigner's easy point-and-click interface cranking out excellent performing code in no time. Unlike our competitors, no template scripting is required. The only input is your SQL Server database! Also unlike the competition TCDesigner is very affordable. You control the way TCDesigner names properties, methods, namespaces. Compare our features, the quality of generated code, and performance. Because TCDesigner is an active generator, you can go back and forth between TCDesigner and your favorite editor. TCDesigner remembers your project settings. 100% stored procedures no in-line SQL. Code performs excellent. Generated code is readable and well commented. Produce high-quality documentation straight from the XML comments!

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