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Title SmartContentMX
Platform ASP
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Category CFML » Scripts and Programs » Content Management
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Description SmartContent MX automatically generate Portal functions such as ; > Automated listing of articles' teasers > Send this article to a friend > Printer-friendly version > Comment this article (readers forum per article) > Previous-Next-Archive per content category > And more. Some of the Features include Content Ranking System Multi-lingual Sites- 8 Languages Built-in WYSIWYG HTML Editor CFML Tag Support Web-based Site Management Roles-based Content Approval Content Scheduling Enhanced File Management Object Linking Article Security Content Versioning Document Locking Content Personalization WebMail ProShop Photo Gallery


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Scripts Related to - SmartContentMX

Script Name

EasyConsole Web Content Management System

EasyConsole CMS is an enterprise browser-based, scalable, flexible, easy-to-use and affordable Web Content Management System (CMS). Features include unlimited level tree-structured content, Content Types, External Database Connectivity, Advanced Form Builder, Newsletter Engine, Versioning, Comprehensive Workflow, Full Integration with EasyConsole eCRM and many more. Out-of the-box solution for different verticals (IE: Media Publications, Goverment Institutions, Organizations, Hotels, Real Estate Listings, Corporate Websites and basically any type of web project).

Speck CMS

Speck is an open-source content management framework built as a library of ColdFusion custom tags which is used to build Internet content management systems. It is distributed with an example CMS that provides a set of out-of-the-box content management capabilities. Speck takes an object-based approach to content management, making it possible to assemble a web site that addresses content management requirements using pre-built components. In addition, the tag library enables developers to rapidly configure and extend the system to meet specific requirements. The object-based approach is similar to that of Macromedia Spectra. However, Speck is smaller in scope and we believe developers will find Speck far easier to work with than Spectra. Speck requires ColdFusion 5 or later but has been designed to be operating system, database and web server independent and has been tested on Windows and Linux with Access, MS SQL Server, Oracle, PostgreSQL, Firebird and MySQL and both IIS and Apache.

Browser Based WYSIWYG HTML Editor

Using this component user without special knowledge or experience can edit website page content. It is very useful for content manager, webmasters and technical writers. The page content can be stored as file on the server as well as record in a database. The ZIP file contents demo application and encrypted component code.

GenaWeb Corporate edition

This unique system enables users to log-on and build quality web sites with plug-n-play e-commerce tools. Once created, users are able to log-on and manage, change or update both the look and feel of the web site and any of the sites' content Ż as often as they∆d like. All of this is accomplished without ever leaving the web and without the need for any programming or design experience. Listed below are many of the "core features" available in all GenaWebę products. For a detailed list of available features click here. Live web creation and content management - GenaWebę allows all users to create and manage web sites in their native environment Ż the Internet. There exists no separate procedure for publishing and uploading changes. Every service begins and ends live and on-line. Fully expandable Ż Each version of GenaWebę is fully and seamlessly expandable to accommodate any number of users and web sites. Version updates are virtually made obsolete by the use of the GenaWebę Upgrade Center. Plug-n-Play Components - GenaWebę ∆s flexible component architecture allows Űdrag and dropŲ placement of unlimited components such as guest registration utilities, press release items, calendars, maps and the like Ż no programming required. WYSIWYG development Ż Throughout both the design and editing phases of web site development the user can ŰPreview Ų choices to enable a ŰWhat You See Is What You GetŲ (WYSIWYG) development environment. Flexible design architecture - GenaWebę's flexible design architecture enables the entire system to be re-configured to meet a wide variety of commercial applications. Roles-Based Security - With roles-based security, each user, developer or designer may be assigned a different "role" that defines what content they may access and edit. This allows multiple users to participate in the management of web content within the same site or sites, while maintaining central control. The Content Bin - GenaWebę employs a unique concept called the ŰContent BinŲ to store web site content. This feature allows users to share images, text, links and other content across multiple web sites without having to ever enter the content a second time.

Powered Real Estate

Powered Real Estate is a very easy to use Real Estate listing web application. Both administrators and agents will be able to add, edit and delete listings from the system. Listings can have a picture gallery with unlimited pictures for each listing. Users can also search the listings for properties that match their preferences. Supports MS Access, MS SQL and MySQL databases.

Real Estate Ready

Real Estate Ready is a feature rich online listings management solution. Our software enables even the most novice computer user to update their web site in an environment similar to Microsoft Word. For more information and to test-drive Real Estate Ready, please visit!

SitePublish - Intrafinity Inc.

SitePublish changes the way you create and manage your web content. No knowledge of HTML is required and so your content creation workload can now be distributed across your organization or department. Features integrated into SitePublish are: Browser based content management, Familiar rich-text toolbox, Templating support, Content object types (Events Sections, Press Sections, Login Pages, etc), Integrated workflow and review process,and Audit system to track & record changes to content.


SimplyCMS is a content management system designed for users with little or no Internet know-how. Users familiar with Microsoft Word will feel right at home using our product as our content layout tool was designed directly after this product. Advanced users can also push their capabilities by creating complex table structures and other advanced HTML code using our raw code feature.


For the publishers who need to edit web pages fast, KTML3 is a browser-based WYSIWYG HTML editor that allows easy content formatting using its advanced table and image manipulation features based on the live property inspector. Unlike other online editors on the market, our product supports most platforms and configurations, providing the user with advanced text and paragraph formatting capabilities, as well as CSS support and easy HTML tag selection. Features: --Easy Content Management; --Innovative Property Editors; --Advanced Table Manipulation; --Advanced Image Manipulation; --Effective Spellchecking Module; --Server Behavior for Dreamweaver MX usage; --Tight Integration with Macromedia Dreamweaver MX; --Multiple Browser Compliance; --An International Product (supports UTF-8).

Ektron CMS100 for ColdFusion

Ektron CMS100 offers a cost-effective Web content management application for Web sites running on ColdFusion platform. A browser-based framework where the Web site is the user interface ý allowing

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