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Title SmartASPAd
Platform Windows 95/98/ME/XP/NT/2000
Price Free Trial / $150
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Category ASP » Scripts and Components » Ad Management
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Description SmartASPAd is a Web based ad management software. Features: Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) supported. Administrators can enable this feature with just a simple mouse click; Infinite campaigns, groups and categories can be created with just two to three simple steps; Administrator can check for 24 hours, daily and monthly stats for all campaigns; and much more.


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Scripts Related to - SmartASPAd

Script Name


AdSwap is an asp inclue that will allows you to rotate ad's, pictures, text, etc. One line include allows you to insert the ad into your site. Easy to implement and simple to use.

FMX Banner

FMX Banner is your simple and easy solution to rotate as many flash banners as you like by using one simple include file in any asp page with out com objects or a database. The package includes: One ASP Include file with full source code; One ASP page to rotate banners with Eight flash banners, the open source .fla files and the published .swf files; Help or "Read Me" Text file; Your end user agreement; and 30 days email tech support.

ScriptMate Banner Manager

ScriptMate Banner Manager is a banner management software. You can create unlimited zones, advertisers, banners and also provide detailed reports on performance to your advertisers. Banner Manager comes with complete source code and uses XML to store information which makes it very fast. A hosted solution is also available.

Banner Ad Management System

This is a typical Banner Ad Management System which includes the banner retrieval, randomize and output include file to display the banners on your website. Also included is the management system called Banner Admin from Web site contributor allowing you to add, edit or delete your banners for your website (you must also use FTP to upload your banners).


RandomAds is an ASP script that displays ad banners randomly from a database. It is Copyrighted and is distributed under the GNU Public License.

Clicksee AdNow

Clicksee AdNow is a powerful web advertising management software built on active server page(ASP) technology. Main features include: AdNow can random and rotate ads on your web site, GIF, Animated GIF, and JPEG are supported, Each ad can be assigned the weight, The ads can be grouped based on their locations on a web page, Easy-to-use web-based administration tool, Advertisers can view real-time online stats reports through web browsers, and Each advertiser account is password-protected. In addition, Clicksee Adnow version 2 supports image banner, HTML banner, rich media banner, and 3rd party ad serving.

Banner Wizard

Banner Wizard is a banner ad managment program written in 100% ASP, no dll's to install. It keeps track of banner views, clicks, and run time. You can also set a maximum banner views so the banner isn't displayed more than its supposed to. It also features: Supports SQL or Access Database; Support NT 4.0, Windows 2000, IIS 4.0, IIS 5.0; Supports Any Size Banner; Easy To Use; Advetisers Can Get Live Stats on Their Banners; Supports Unlimited Banners And Advetisers; Evenly Distributes Page Views; Maintains Count Of Click-Thrus Per Banner; Maintains Count Of Page Views Per Banner; and Supports Multiple Banners Per Advetiser.

Adelage Ad Server

Adelage is an ASP/MS SQL-based banner ad management system. Main features include: Implemented in 100% ASP for compatibility, and customizability, Integrates smoothly with ColdFusion pages via provided custom tag, Keyword matching to improve targeting of ads, Flexible Ad scheduling, including ability to spread impressions/click-thrus of an ad evenly over a range of dates, Support for serving ads on a multi-lingual site, Integrated Accounting and Invoicing, Integrated reporting, including reports on unsold inventory, Support for multiple sales associates and/or resellers, with integrated wholesale and retail invoicing, Client logins, to give clients real-time updates on their ads' performances, Optional ability to enable clients to enter their own Ad Insertions, Artwork, and/or update their own contact information, and more.

See em Click

See em Click is a full-featured ASP-based ad management and ad reporting software for Windows platform. Main features include: Unlimited number of ad campaigns, Easy to use Web admin interface, Set randomly selected rotating banners or buttons by page refresh, Set banners to rotate at timed intervals with a randomly selected starting ad, Set optional expiration dates per campaign or individual ad, or set ads to automatically expire when they reach a set amount of impressions or click-throughs, Easily enable or disable individual ads, Rich media support, Intersperse rich media ads with traditional banners in the same campaign, Configure ads to appear based on keyword search terms, Built-in cache-busting, Built-in Alert System informs you of when ads are set to expire and other critical information, Real-time detailed reports for an entire campaign or for individual, and more.


AdMentor is a free ad rotator script written entirely in ASP. No binary components are needed on the server and no super-power database engine either - just a simple Access database is what you need. Features include: It lets you weight your banners, It supports multiple banner sizes, zoning is also available, the HTML generator and the possiblity to use it even from within static HTM pages, An Access-database is used in the backend, storing farms, banners, clicks and impressions, and Simple administration scripts and statistic pages are available.

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