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Title Smart Referrer
Platform Windows
Price Freeware
Author Visit Author Website
Website Visit Website of - Smart Referrer
Category ASP » Scripts and Components » Web Traffic Analysis
Hits 570
Description Give those important pages of your site individual attention. Smart Referrer is a compact product that consists of only one optimized ASP page for all funtions including administration panel, comprehensive reports and help section. Very easy installation! You will just have to add an include file to your page to be monitored and add the page URL to the admin panel. Reports generated include: Brief Report; Today's Report; General Reports; and No Hits Report that gives all the referrers that have not accessed you page today and the details of when it was last hit.


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Scripts Related to - Smart Referrer

Script Name


aMonitor is a web site statistics application that analyzes traffic on any website. aMonitor is designed to track pages on any web server platform, even across multiple servers and platforms. The application will track multiple web sites and keep separate statistics for each site. Implemented completely in ASP, aMonitor can be loaded on any Windows 95/98 or NT/2000 computer running IIS or PWS. aMonitor does NOT use any dll's or COM objects, does not require a global.asa file, and does not use server logs. All data is captured to an Access database.


amStats is a set of ASP scripts that reports current web server information such as: current sessions, sessions for the day, average sessions, and much more. amStats' unique feature is the ability to transmit this information to cell phones, pagers, and PDAs that are WAP (Wireless Access Protocol) compatible.

Active Server Manager

ASM is a must have web site management software when away from your PC and do not have access to your web page editor and need to make quick changes. No need to have FrontPage, FTP or any other editor. With the Active Server Manager (ASM), you can do it all using your web browser from anywhere in the world where you have internet access. Main features include: Directory/Site Browsing, Directory Creation, Directory Rename, Directory Deletion, File Creation, File Editing, File Copy, File Move, File Rename, File Delete, Limits Allocated Disk Space, Web Site Statistics Display, Specify Start/End Dates, Sort on hits or bytes, Include/exclude graphics files, Shows Referrers, Shows User IP Addresses, Total Hits by User, and Statistics Preferences (Daily, Weekly, Monthly to have logs cleared)


This is a HTML update/addon of StatMentor originally written by Stefan Holmberg. Added features include: The ability to collect statistics from HTML pages as well as ASP pages, A menu option has been added for HTMLmaker.asp, The file names in the delete log files section have been modified to appear as the dates which they represent instead of just numbers, and The initial time period for viewing stats is automatically set when you enter the admin area, starting when the first data was recorded and ending on the current date.

Current User Tracking

This ASP application demonstrates which users are currently connected to your page, using a SQL Server 6.5 Database to track them.

Tracking Site Statistics

This application allows you to track a variety of site statistics, including hits per hour/day/week/month, IP address of hits, and browsers used.

User Details Tool (ASP)

Want to show your visitor's information about their browser Or grab their I.P. address Use this ASP code generator to create an ASP script to do it.

Statistics Server

Statistics Server is a Web site statistics software that generates live marketing reports by analyzing web server log files in real-time. It is perfect for Corporations and Web Hosting Companies that need live statistics analysis reporting. It also features: Over 40 detailed statistics, analysis and site usage reports, Generate live reports on up to 365 days of historical data, Configurable event watching, data filtering and data management, Easily select days, weeks, months or custom ranges to report for any web site, Email reports for previous day, week and month for any web site configured, Detailed demographics reporting, and much more.

ASP Logging and Statistics

This script is a counter and basic statistics program. It logs all hits to a page to a database. The script finds the specific day and increments the value stored in that day. The database is setup to log all days in the month. On the 1st of every month the application calls a function that logs the values of the database to a text file, emails the total monthly page hits, and then clears the database, without missing a hit.

w3 Hitcount

w3 Hitcount keeps track on the number of visitors per day, number of visitors coming back, which OS and web browser they use. w3 Hitcount is a real-time web component that reports visits as they happen. No more over-night server updates, this is real-time, online action. You can also use w3 Hitcount to see if your advertising campaign generates extra visitors.

Google Search


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