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Title Slikpiks Photobook CGI Program
Platform Linux
Price Free (GPL)
Author Visit Author Website
Website Visit Website of - Slikpiks Photobook CGI Program
Category Perl & CGI » Scripts and Programs » Image Galleries
Hits 774
Description SLIKPIKS is a set of Perl scripts wrapped in a Perl CGI to help with the automation of creating html photobooks for a set of JPEGs. It resizes images for thumbnails and web-sized images, adds captions, and auto-creates html. It is unique in that it allows you to add optional captions to your photos.


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Scripts Related to - Slikpiks Photobook CGI Program

Script Name

PartyTime Photo Community

The goal of this project is to create a web based interactive photo sharing system. That is especially useful when digital cameras become more and more popular. Main features include: Thumbnail view and full image view, User comments on each picture, Present the same set of images in different ways to different groups, Administration interface to change the image descriptions and manage the user comments, network transparent - It can draw images stored anywhere on the web, and more.


cthumb allows you to create an html picture album, with an index and several pages, each with thumbnails of your pictures. Optionally, it generates the same pages in several languages simultaneously. It automatically generates thumbnails of the pictures. It attempts to be nice in the look of the pages it generates. It is geared towards people that have ton of digital images that need to be labeled and classified. All you need is the pictures and a text editor to put all the titles for every picture in a simple "album" textfile. It also allows you to customize almost everything in the way the albums look on the screen, from the size of the thumbnails to the background and foreground colors, the border colors, whether you want film-strips, etc.


comment.cgi is a Perl/MySQL-driven web album program where the visitor can leave his comment to a picture. comment.cgi was created for events like parties or other.


iGal is a Perl-based program that can generate and publish an entire online picture show (HTML slides, thumbnails and index page included) with just one command line invocation. If you've got a directory (or several) full of image files that are waiting to be put online and shared with friends, then iGal is for you.

Led-Full Image

This script allows you to display (link to) full images and still keep them in your template design by using SSI's and cgi executes. All this allows you to dynamically generate seemingly individual pages for each image (which would normally be a lot of work).


Webgallery is a Perl script that lets you create a webpage showing off a gallery of your images. The current version of Webgallery requires the URI::URL module, as well as PerlMagick. It outputs JPEG formatted thumbnail images in an XHTML 1.0 index page.


photoaddict is a perl script to give a nice frontend to displaying images -- especially those from a digital camera. photoaddict requires ImageMagick, Image::Size module.


The POD-l script is another Picture of the Day script. POD-l will display a thumbnail image on a given page that is linked to a full-size image. The image changes every day from a pool of images in a directory of your choosing. POD does require SSI (Server Side Includes). Other features include: Comprehensive error handling where all errors are logged, Image displays are logged - date, image filename and number displays, and Advanced file locking using the semaphore system.

ImageFolio Basic Edition

ImageFolio Basic Edition provides navigation and file information for tens of thousands of your images. Uses 1 script, 1 config file, and 3 html templates. Setup takes 10 minutes. No typing involved or database to maintain. Simply FTP photos to your server and ImageFolio does all the work.


Thumbie is a Perl-Script that generates Thumbnail-HTML-Pages from a picture directory (jpg,gif). It makes the picture pages and the main index page. It requires the Perl module Image-Size (included in the archive).

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