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Title SiteMap Generator
Platform Unix
Price $350
Author Visit Author Website
Website Visit Website of - SiteMap Generator
Category Perl & CGI » Scripts and Programs » Site Mapping
Hits 598
Description With SiteMap Generator, you can let your users create their own sitemap scripts online. Each script is customized for each user. This is simple and fast.


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Scripts Related to - SiteMap Generator

Script Name

Get Subfolders and Files

This program starts from one directory in your computer and then creates two files where it writes the complete path of all recursive subfolders inside the directory in one of them (folders.txt) and the complete path of all the files listed in them (files.txt), alphabetically ordered and grouped by levels of depth. is a Perl script to generate an HTML sitemap. Features include extensive configuration, template files for output, optional w3 page validation links, and optional indexing of PDF files.


This is a Perl script for site navigation. It "unlinks" the current page in a sidebar(or wherever), essentially making a dynamic "you are here" map.

sitemapper is a simple perl script which generated an HTML site map from a given URL. It does this by traversing the site, getting the home page, extracting links from it, getting all the pages linked, and so on. The default sitemap generated is an HTML bulleted list. The first level indented list item is the home page; the next level are all the pages linked from the home page. The next level are all the pages linked from each of these pages, and so on. If a page is linked from more than one page, it is show in the "highest" place in the tree it is linked from. Alternative sitemap formats are: a dynamic HTML version which generates a collapsable folding tree, a text version, which generates a simple formated text file, and an XML graph version, which prints out all the URLs and links in the site in an XML format.

Expanding Menus

Expanding Menus is a program to easily generate suites of related pages containing expanding and collapsing heirarchical menus.


Cougaindex is a simple script which can used as a default indexer, allows you to customize the layout of directories say for downloading purposes... because the files are generated on the fly it will only display the contents of what is in the specific directory.


IndexMaker is a PERL script to make an index.html file from PDF files, HTML files, VRML files and other files. At the moment, it uses: the /Author field, the first /Title field and the /Subject field in every matched PDF files, the TITLE field and the META Description and Author fields in every matched HTML files, the Info node field in every matched VRML 1.0 files, the WorldInfo node field info and title in every matched VRML 2.0 files, and the name of the file in the others.

Eric Raymond's sitemap

This is a little Perl script that makes a site map (HTML index page) from all HTML pages with META DESCRIPTION tags below the current directory.


This Perl5 script allows you to set up a collapsable/expandable outline of links in a database. You can flip in and out of by clicking on the arrows to the left of each link.


This is a script that reads the data from a determined file and sets up a site index based on that information. It creates updates that are far easier to maintain. The script does not create a static HTML file, but creates the page on the fly.

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