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Title Site Unit CMS Integration A / template base content management system
Platform Unix, Linux, etc.
Price 29.5$
Author Visit Author Website
Website Visit Website of - Site Unit CMS Integration A / template base content management system
Category PHP » Scripts and Programs » Miscellaneous » phpCMS Plugins
Hits 861
Description Do you need to update your web site Do you lack knowledge of HTML, ftp or other technical knowledge Do you currently commit updating of your site to someone else Do you need to do it on-line, on the fly Or, maybe your costumers need that Than Site Unit CMSÖ is exactly what you need!


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Scripts Related to - Site Unit CMS Integration A / template base content management system

Script Name

phpCMS-Plugin: AutoKeyGen

AutoKeyGen is a phpCMS system</a> plugin that extracts all relevant keywords out of the content of a website. This way the meta-keywords fit 100% to the content of the websites. The keywords appear in the frequency of their occurrence. On the basis of a negative list (blacklist) unwanted words can be eliminated. After a modification of the site content the meta-keywords are up to date immediately. The search engines are supplied with the most current keywords and this ensures an optimal indexing process. Very easy to install. The keywords can be used all over the website, not only in the meta-tags. <B>1.2.1 update</b>: keywords are stored in own cache (e.g. for dynamic websites), some fixes in error-reporting, in the edit-mode and small bugfix.

phpCMS-Plugin: csvImport

csvImport is a phpCMS plugin that can automatically import data in the csv-format from an external file. Features: templates for the data; configuration in the content-file; generate phpCMS-tags for each field; and easy installation. <B>1.0.2 update</b>: use alternative template every (configurable) number of lines.

phpCMS Plugin: FAKESSI

FAKESSI is a plugin for <A HREF="">phpCMS</A>. Features: predefined parts of files can be included, preformation of the files which are marked for inclusion, full control over the plugin-output with its parameters, the output of the plugin is available at any position in your content, and simple executions of perl-scripts. <b>1.4.5 update:</b>: a few bug fixes.


This is a complete guestbook PlugIn for phpCMS. You can define the layout using templates. Includes admin functions to edit, delete, and comment. There is no need for a database, and no support for any database at the moment.


xContent is a phpCMS Plugin with which you can define external content. It allows you to use different sources in phpCMS.


xDateContent is a phpCMS plugin that allows you to define content for a special timespan. Useful if you need special content (maybe Seasonal) on your WebPage.


xDoc is a phpCMS-PlugIn that allows you to offer your users bigger documents (content) in an easy way. It will display a link on the header of the content (the first line). If a user clicks on this link, the same page will load with the header showing the content.

phpCMS-Plugin: PageComment

PageComment is an easy to install plugin for the project. This plugin allows any user to add a comment to a page. Features: server side input validation, seperate configuration file, placeable anywhere in your page, easy to customize layout, and seperate comments for any page.

phpCMS-Plugin: MenuManager

This is a Plugin to control the appearance periods of menus within the phpCMS system;. It features the start- and/or stop-time (and date) of any menu in the phpcms-system can be configured. It's very easy to realize e.g. a christmas calendar this way. Easy to install and very flexible.

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