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  • FNSearch - free
    A simple and easily configurable search for your website. This script searches for filenames, not file content. Perfect if you want to search for images on your site.
  • Easy Search System - 19.95
    A powerful, customizable and effective site indexing/searching script. Index your website over CGI, PHP, ASP or any web pages. Collect meta's, titles, content and link texts from all the pages on your site. Customize search results, edit stop words, search through the part of the site.
  • FM SiteSearch Pro - $39
    Enable your visitors to pinpoint any of the contents of your web pages with accuracy in seconds. FM SiteSaerch has been designed to be user friendly & easy to install with many features and advanced web site search capabilities. Also supports MySQL (optional) for large web sites with thousands of pages.
  • SearchBF - Freeware
    written in perl & use the tracking hosted on, the most comprensive statistik data for Battlefield Player & Server. Change color of the html file if you want..
  • - Search Engine - $49
    A powerful search engine that creates an index file every time a search is performed, the end result is much faster searches. Easily add a search engine to your website in minutes. It also includes a Search Form generator. You can quickly create the HTML code needed to add a search engine to your website. Other features include boolean searches, complete control over the look and feel of the search form and search result templates, create categories so visitors can search the entire site or choose to search individual sections, complete reports and stats on what your users are searching for, and much more.
  • CGI World's SiteSearch - $25.00
    SiteSearch gives you the ability to search your website quickly & easily by the use of the password protected browser based administration area. Set the path of the directory you want searched, set the files & directories you want searched, and also the directories & files you do not want searched. SiteSearch returns the results of a search by displaying 200 words from the text the search criteria was found in, along with the webpage title, last modified date & file size. SiteSearch is a great tool for the average website of less than 500 pages.
  • HomepageSearchEngine - Free / EUR 99 / 149
    A powerful, easy to setup full-text search engine system with automatic spidering and indexing. Can search all text files of your or any other website (both http and https protocols are supported). Highlighted matches in nice looking, fully customizable result ranking lists as well as within the found files. Featuring different categories, Boolean search, phrases, wildcards, selectable search sources, restrictive search options. Supports 20+ languages and 10+ platforms.
  • 1-Search: Instant (non-indexing) Web site search solution - FREE
    An advanced site search script written with search engines positioning in mind - result pages contain all proper tags to be submitted to search engines as doorway pages. The script logs all the searches, found and not found, inserts affiliate codes so that you never miss commission. Comes with advanced administration utility for setup, viewing statistics, changing appearance and much more. New version includes an optimized search algorithm for faster searches.
  • SillySearch - Free (linkware)
    SillySearch lets you allow a visitor to search through pages in a single directory on your website for pages containing words that the user enters into a form. They can choose to search only for files containing all the words they enter, or to search for files containing any one of the words. Results are returned ranked by how many of the terms were found in the page. If the page has html TITLE tags, the results will show a link with that title linking to the page. If the page does not have TITLE tags, it will just show the name of the page.
  • csSearch :: FREE Website Search Script - Free
    csSearch is an automated website search script. Features: Advanced Control Panel to specify files and directories to skip or ignore; Optional setting to have engine search through Server Side Includes; Search is keyed off both the body of the document and the meta tags; Simple to use interface; Choose from 3 unique style settings; and Easy to modify template pages used throughout. <b>Version 2 update:</b> Search results page formatting, pagination (display results across multiple pages), enhanced include/exclude file extentions feature, the ability to mass skip/delete files and directories, JS includes of search form, and much more efficient searching making it over 100 times faster than csSearch.
  • smc SiteSearch (Website Version) - $49.95
    smc SiteSearch is designed for fast and efficient web site searching for any website up to 50,000 pages. Features include: Index caching for fast searching, filters for excluding directories and/or files, customizable search results page. Modify your search results to show page title, description summary and rank. Search options for 'any' or 'all' keywords.
  • Site Search software by - 49.95
    Allow visitors to search pages on your website. Offers standard and advanced search. Includes online control panel and free installation.
  • Phrase Finder - $50
    PhraseFinder is a multi-purpose mini-search engine that searches a directory of your choice for specific keywords. Phrase Finder can also help you find link exchanges. For a given list of urls, it will sort out those pages with the keywords you have specified. Phrase Finder can also find pages that require changes. Have you ever decided that sponsor X needs to be replaced, and wondered how you possibly will find them all With Phrase Finder you will find those pages much faster than looking at every site for every advertisement.
  • csSearchPro :: East web based site search tool! - $25
    csSearchPro is the professional version of csSearch. Features: Include or Exclude different files based on their extension; An easy to use web based management screen; Fully automated installation; full page indexing for faster searches (ideal for large websites); Supports Unix as well as NT; Improved ability to parse your web pages that contain server side includes; Customizable font, color, and size of the text in the search results; Custom templates for displaying search results; and Ability to have your affiliate sites remotely search your web site; Ability to have results open on the same page or in popup window; Can be set to search file names; Can be set to ignore BODY text when searching, and more.
  • Webdev Search Engine - $25
    It is designed to be very similar to Google for end users and its output is customizable. It collects site information automatically using the meta tags. You can add, edit and delete urls from a web-based admin control panel that is password protected. Demo Available.
  • CGI GE: Simple Search - $25.00
    Fast search of keywords or phrases within your website. It works on both Windows and Unix servers that have Perl 5 or higher. Very easy for installation and integration on your web site. It is completely build on HTML templates which you can edit (using Password protected WebAdmin tool) at any time. The search is performed within the specified by you directories. Ability to automatically place ANCHORS which link the visitorsĘ search results directly to the right place in the document.
  • BreezeBase BB Search - $12.95
    Create a custom site-search for your website, without knowing CGI. BB SiteSearch allows you to create 2 kinds of searches and lets you control how your website is searched. Build either a search that uses a flat-file database of searchable pages, or an open search. Control what directories and/or files can or cannot be searched. Just fill in the blanks, upload and done.
  • Borgo's search engine - Freeware
    Search engine for small web sites. Can hyperlink keywords found in web pages. Clicking on one instance of a keyword will bring you down to the next instance. Contact the author for help installing and customization.
  • BB Search - $14.95
    BB Search allows you to create a custom search engine for users to search your site. If you ever wanted to have a search engine for your site, then this is the tool for you. It builds two kinds of searches, and allows you to specify which directories, files, and extensions to search. When the search is conducted, a page containing links to documents with matches, is returned to the user's browser. BB Search allows for exact-keyword-match and pattern-within searches.
  • Fluid Dynamics Search Engine - Free / $40
    An easy-to-install search engine for local and remote sites. Returns fast, accurate results from a template-driven architecture. Freeware and shareware versions available, with Perl source code included.

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