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  • Tell A Friend - FREE
    This great script enables your clients to Tell-A-Friend about the site. Also, it included a detection of the page it was called from, so it returns them to it after completeing the process. Your clients will be able to Customize their messages. You also are able to customize the messages being sent (must know some PHP).
  • Web4Future Tell-a-Friend
    This script will allow you to add a "tell-a-friend" type link to your website. Why is it special Because, on dynamic websites, it allows the user to recommend the page he/she is currently browsing, and not your homepage.
  • Tell A Friend Script - Free/Commercial
    With this PHP Tell A Friend Script you are able to let visitors recommend your website. Both HTML layout and e-mail layout are template driven and customizable. This script also includes several security features to prevent abuse by spammers. The recommendation message can be previewed by the visitor and after sending the e-mail the visitor can be redirected to the referring page or to a special thanks page.
  • Send to a Friend - Free
    This Tell a Friend script will allow visitors to your site to send an email to their friends recommending it. It is extremely easy to set-up and use requiring no database or complex configuration and you can have it working in just a few minutes. You can use it to let people recommend your site or even a single news item - it's up to you. It is also highly configurable, you can change just about everything there is to change including the labels and text used so it will match your site perfectly. It also has many inbuilt features, full cross browser support and will work on virtually any PHP server provided send mail is installed. Some of the features are the ability to configure the script just how you want, full error checking for valid email addresses and completed forms and IP address checking to help prevent abuse. The functionality of this script is the same, and in some cases better, than those we have seen on sale for $40 or more and this script is free!
  • php Site Recommender
    This php Site Recommendation script will allow your visitors to enter their contact information and recommend your site to as many recipients as you specify (only one required). Default messages are easily modified. Look and feel is customizable via the stylesheet. You can choose to be notified when your site has been recommended...notification will show recipient(s) AND the message. Email addresses are hidden so they will not be harvested by spammers. Also contains error checking and validation and does not require database access.
  • PHP RecommendMe - Freeware
    Let your visitors send an email to up to 3 of their friends direct from your website. Easily customisable to include your email messages. Features include: Javascript error checking - Collects the email addresses - The form can only be submitted once, to prevent mass submission - direct user to a thank you page and more. Script comes with full installation readme and walkthrough.
  • Recommend this Site
    Recommend this Site is a simple yet effective PHP script which enables a visitor of your site to send a recommendation of your site to a friend via email. This script will even write in the message for you, personalizing it by your name and your friend's name.
  • v-ine - Freeware
    v-ine is a referral service program that allows users to recommend your site to their friends using their own messages. The webmaster can receive notices of all referrals, including the custom message your visitors may send to their friends. New in 1.5: now allow users to simultaneously recommend your site to many friends.
  • Only Tell - Freeware
    A simple Tell A Friend script . Upload only 3 files to your server , edit 2 variables and run the tellafriend.php file and let your visitors & friends recommend your website to their friends. No PHP knowledge required.
  • Kwatsj Tell a Friend - Free (GPL)
    It's a recommended script to promote your website. Visitors can be easy send a email to an friend within leaving your website. It using PHP scripting and it's easy to change the design to your own wish. Features: Easy to setup (upload the file only). No need to edit the script. Visitors can send a recommended email to friends. No need for MySQL. Easy to change the lay-out.
  • Sme Tell - free
    SMe_Tell is a site recommendation script that sends thank-you messages to those who recommended your site, in new version Administration online ,messages in html,thank-you messages to those who, recommended your site, editor WYSIWYG (requiride IE 5.5 or later),Stats record name send/email send/name recive/email recive and date of your site is recomended CSS edit online
  • Accessible Forms for the Handicapped
    This little script demonstrates how easy it is to make your forms more accessible to all visitors. It is a very simple send a link to a friend script with accessibility.
  • Recommend To A friend V-1.0 - Freeware
    Very good and very easy to install Recommend script in fact all you have to do it's to open recommend.php document inside of Recommend folder and put your url's in 2 place where specify that's it
  • SiteRefer - Free / $12.00
    Install SiteRefer in minutes and place ready-made text or graphic links anywhere, so that visitors are encouraged to tell their friends and colleagues about your site. You have full control over the appearance and functionality of the installation, thereby enabling visitors to use an attractive and inviting form. Users may refer up to five recipients, optionally adding a personal message. You receive e-mail notifications of all referrals and also have access to a detailed recommendation report.
  • ibrecomendar
    Update. Now full configuration,much better.English is now available. simple but effective script to recommend your website.
  • Tell Friend - Free
    Tell Friend is a site recommendation script written in PHP. It allows you to set up a page on your site where your visitors can refer their friends to your website by sending email.
  • Simple PHP Tell-A-Friend - Freeware
    "Simple PHP Tell-A-Friend" is a powerful yet simple system that comes complete the HTML form and the script meant to process it. It is basically an adaptation of my Simple PHP Contact Form. It comes documented with a very easy to understand "Read Me" file and well commented script. "Simple PHP Tell-A-Friend" is right for you if: You need something that is easy to install and configure You want something already made and ready to go
  • tell_a_friend_XXL - $ 11
    With this PHP Script you are able to let visitors recommend your website. But very special in this Script is, that the Script automaticly include into the recommendation the direct(!) Link of the Site. That means not the Link of your Domain, the Script includes the direct Link to the Site where the User has written the Recommendation! It's very easy to install and configure! No MySQL needed.
  • Drew's Tell A Friend - Free
    NEW Version 2. Features extensive error checking, specify how many fields you want for recpients in config, optional notification upon recommendation, optional header/footer, sending emails as html. lets you specify a static message as well as a personal message the person recommending write. Plus much more!
  • CJ Send Page (PopUp) - Free (GPL)
    The CJ Send Page PopUp script is a relatively simple "link sender via form to your mates email script." The script can be used on php, ssi or even plain html pages. All you have to do is upload a few files and create a popUp JavaScript link to the script - its easy to install. This script was released due to high demand of PopUp Send 2 Friend.

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