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Title SimpleTest
Platform PHP
Price OSI
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Category PHP » Scripts and Programs » Development Tools » Debugging and Testing
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Description Unit tester, web page tester and mock objects framework. If you have used the Java tools JUnit, JMock and JWebUnit then this PHP version covers much of the same ground. Basically a tool for building application test suites around test cases and then executing and reporting on those tests. The tool set also includes a web browser that can be used for scripting web content.


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Scripts Related to - SimpleTest

Script Name


[PHP_Debug] An open source PHP debug library Hi, i have motivated myself to write this debug class, it works pretty fine. :) Here what the class alows : - Pear integration - PHP Process time - Database and query process time - Dump of all type of variable in a graphical way - Functionnal debug - Debug queries - Show number of database queries executed - Allow to search in all debug infos - Direct links to test queries in Phpmyadmin - Show globals var ( $GLOBALS, $_POST, $_GET ... ) - Enable or disable the debug infos you want to see - Check performance of chunk of php code - Customize the general display of your debug - ... ( see doc for complete specification ) - You can check full doc website : ( nice phpdoc documentation :p ) If you have questions, ideas, etc..., contact at my Website. It is very clear and well documented ( with Pear::Phpdocumentor ) Now i am searching people to test and to have some feeback, the next realease will depend on the feeback i will get. For php beginner what is really great for example is the ability to show all queries and to have a direct link to test this quesries in phpmyadmin.. :) I am waiting for your comments, it would be nice if some people would use it. But anyway i use already it. :p


phpmytest is a tool to automate testing of web-applications. Therefore you have to record a so called test once by surfing arround your website and filling out the formulars. After that you can repeat this test everytime you want. How a page is tested is implemented as classes. If you want, you can write your own classes to attune phpmytest to your needs. At the moment phpmytest can find text on the page to be tested, dead links, it can validate HTML and find php-script-errors.


This function is based on the one published in the "PHP Developers Cookbook", Pages 67/68, that has an error (it does not show you the correct total time of execution). Usable for html output and commandline.


PHP_Dyn is PHP Extension to help debugging a PHP script. You can get execution trace of scripts not to need change them. HTTP request parameter can be printed. Argument value of the function call and return value can be printed.


Tesly is a web application written in PHP that helps you create, execute, and report on test plans. Test plans are comprised of test cases, which are made up of step-by-step procedures. Each step has an action to take and a result that is expected. QA leaders can track the progress of testing as testers use the interface to report completion of test cases.


LensDebug is a very useful for debugging without disfiguring your main html page with distracting debugging output. Uses javascript to display variables as you debug in a separate window. Each variable is disassembled and color coded for easy reference. Results from multiple pages can be sent to the same window.


BODY is a fully functional symbolic debugger for PHP. It is 95% written in PHP, and requires a Unix/Linux backend. The user interface is basic HTML.

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