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Title SimpleSite
Platform n/a
Price Free
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Category Perl & CGI » Scripts and Programs » Content Management
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Description SimpleSite is a set of scripts to generate a complete website out of a data structure (defining the content) and a theme structure defining the look of the generated site. The goal of this is to give the website a consistent look while remaining easily maintainable at the same time. The nice thing is that all html code is generated beforehand, thus effectively eliminating the need of additional scripting facilities like PHP3 or ASP.


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Scripts Related to - SimpleSite

Script Name


QDMerge is a Quick and Dirty Perl script that Merges text from a source document with a template to generate a unique output file that follows a specific design.


PMTS is a pure-perl solution for small websites who need dynamic html beyond what you can do with SSI files. PMTS requires no special permissions on a website beyond the ability to add a perl CGI program, and provides a powerful and extensible tool for expanding embedded tags in template files to produce dynamic content.


This is a Perl script which helps the webmaster of complex web pages by allowing the full control about the generated source. It allows you to create HTML documents out of a simple script and some dummy and content files.

Information Manager

Information Manager is a Perl-based program that allows you to handle formatting and the links on a web page automatically. It also generates personalized pages, handles sessions and authentication with the client (web browser), and can be used to do just about anything that requires the client to log in or get personalized content.


AtisWiki can be used to set up editable Web pages where the users can edit and create pages with a very simple markup language using a standard browser.

Return Referrer Script

This small script is meant to be called from a Server Side Include. If you have a page that is called from more than one location, it will allow you to have the 'return to calling page' link become dynamic.


PrensaLibre is a system of editing and automatic publication of any type of Web site whose contents change of continuous way, periodically or a combination of such. Originally it has been designed to publish newspapers and electronic magazines, it also allows you to create news sections within general Web pages. Please note that all documents are completely written in Spanish. is a Perl Script that makes web pages by taking a template file and putting content into it by using another file. It was used to put the author's web site together from several pieces. Nice easy utility to keep your website updated.


This neat Perl script allows you to justify your plain text so that you can have nice little columns in your web pages. With Justify you can put neat newspaper-style columns next to each other in a table. The program works only on fonts where all characters have the same width.


This program is designed to run your entire site from a cgi program instead of html. The advantages are: You save on web space (html is only coded once), You can log each page, who hit it and when, Each page can have the same headers and footers, or using this script's advanced selection abilities, you can easily specify different headers and footers for each page, and Easy updates.

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