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Title SimpleMail
Platform Win 95/98/2000/NT
Price Free Trial/$15
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Category ASP » Scripts and Components » Email Systems
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Description SimpleMail allows you to send email messages from your ASP pages or any other ActiveX compatible container application like VB. It was implemented using the original SMTP-protocol, and to keep it simple it does not offer MIME or file attachment features.


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Scripts Related to - SimpleMail

Script Name


The SMTP component is an ActiveX object used to send an email from active server pages. Unlike the FrontPage mailer, this allows you to specify the from-name, from-address, and add CC recipients on the fly through VBScript.

HTMLMailer Plus

HTMLMailer plus includes all of the easy-to-use features of the original HTMLMailer, and adds a new object called 'FlexiMailer'. The 'FlexiMailer' object adds the following functionality: Add multiple recipients (using multiple recipient types: To/CC/BCC), Add file attachments, Properties for 'From', 'Body', and 'Subject' email fields, and Ability to connect to custom SMTP port. The setup package includes: The component, 2 VB samples, 1 ASP sample, and Help file.


DevMailer is a COM object designed to send Email via SMTP from any COM / OLE / ActiveX enabled application. It features: Small, Fast object for sending email via SMTP, Unlimited File Attachments, Unlimited Backup SMTP Servers, Failsafe Message Queuing in case of SMTP Server failure, Support for CC and BCC recipients, Optimized for concurrent usage, Can send multiple messages per connection, Verify email addresses at SMTP Server, Useful Email utility functions, Supports MIME File Attachments, Content-Types, and Character Sets, and Detailed session logging, as well as the NT Event Log support for fatal errors.


AspMail allows you to send mail using the standard SMTP protocol from any program that can use ActiveX/OLE components. Features include: SMTP (sending) Messages, Multiple File Attachments, File attachments support MIME and UUEncoding, US Ascii and ISO-8859-1 character sets, PGP, Subject line encoding for 8bit message subjects, Redundant SMTP servers (If the primary SMTP server is down, the secondary server is used), Special Header Support (Standard X-Priority headers, MS Mail (including Exchange) priority headers, Urgent header, ConfirmReading and ReturnReceipt Headers), and Multiple concurrent users (Tested with 15 concurrent connections).


AspQMail works just like AspMail except that messages are queued up for delivery using the AspMail component. A companion NT service is notified when messages are added to the queue and attempts delivery while your ASP script is freed from the delay of delivering the message. AspQMail and AspMail provide a unified interface for SMTP messaging. AspQMail allows you to use the queuing mechanism for none, some or all messages.



Using this component you send out emails from your ASP page. Some of its features include multiple recipients, CC and BCC.

w3 JMail

Using JMail will enable you to easily send email from your web page through the web server - without having to use an email client such as Eudora, Exchange or Outlook. Key features include: Attachments, Return Receipt, Log files, Set Priority, MIME and BASE64 Encoding, Queued mailings without separate NT service, Unlimited redundant servers, Blind Carbon Copy (BCC), Carbon Copy (CC), Urgent flagging, US ASCII, UUEncoding, X-Headers and custom headers, MS Mail and Exchange priority headers, and Internal MX lookup with MX priority and redundancy.


ActiveMessenger provides advanced e-mail capabilities for sending messages through any SMTP mail server. Using Active Server Pages scripting, you can send email messages using a robust set of objects and methods provided by the ActiveMessenger component.


xPop3 is an Active Server component that retrieves mail from Pop3 servers. It supports ISO-8859-1 characters and also handles quoted-printable encoded mail. It was built for use with Microsoft IIS and ASP but can also be used from any programming language that supports OLE Automation such as Delphi or Visual Basic.

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