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Title Simple File Uploading Script
Platform All
Price FREE (GPL)
Author Visit Author Website
Website Visit Website of - Simple File Uploading Script
Category PHP » Scripts and Programs » File Manipulation » Upload Systems
Hits 529
Description This is a simple file uploading script which allows you to add the ability to your site for visitors to upload files. It comes with a sample HTML page to demonstrate its capabilities.


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Scripts Related to - Simple File Uploading Script

Script Name


UploadHandler is a class set with functions to aid you when uploading files to your webservers filesystem. UploadHandler can dynamicly create the directory structure you pass it. Makes it very easy to sort uploads by date and so on. UploadHandler is designed as a helper class for use with other scripts and comes with fully functional examples.'s PHP Files Script

This script lets a user upload a file via the webbrowser. Also, an email will be sent to the webmaster on each new entry. The script is fully customizable.

Hooble Upload

Hooble Upload is a simple upload script that extends the already inbuilt PHP uploads system. Hooble Upload is coded in pure PHP it allows the administrator to choose the certain file types and size that is uploaded onto the specified directory. Some of Hooble Uploads features are a File Size Limit, Custom Directory, File Type Exclusion, Unlimited Upload fields, User Choice Fields, and a CSS Custom Design. Hooble Upload is recommend for use on only paid hosts as certain hosts have disabled the PHP upload verifications.


phpUploadManager is a powerful uploadManagement tool. It features a large and robust admin interface, and user registration/logins. Version 2.0 is coming soon with extention management, pageanated file listings, and more customization abilities. All current license holders get a free upgrade to 2.0. NOW BUY THE SCRIPT IMMIDIATELY AT XYLIUM.COM! The tool is customizable, and available for modifications by Xylium Scripting Solutions.

File sharing program designed for architects and builders

With this program an admin user sets up user accounts and assigns them to projects. When a user logs in they can upload/download and comment on files that are in projects they are assigned to. Everything a user does is logged, so that you KNOW if someone has reviewed that latest autocad revision. Whenever a file is uploaded to a project all users assigned to that project are emailed. The admin user can opt to have file access's emailed to them. If you like the demo, or are interested in an installation please give me a email.

Any Form V1

Process any upload from any form, the file type or size can be set, auto thumnail creation of Jpg's and Png's. This script is intended for people new to PHP who want to control what is uploaded and how it is displayed. This script will grow with user feedback

PHP Fileupload Class

fileupload-class.php extends PHP's built in file upload features, allowing users to easily and safely upload files to a web server using their browser. The uploaded file name is cleaned up - special characters are deleted and spaces are replaced with underscores. The file is then moved to a specified directory (on your server). This class also gives the administrator control over how files with the same name are handled. fileupload-class.php also does its best to determine the file's type. If the user has named the file with the correct extension, then it will use that, but if the user tries to upload an extensionless file, PHP does can identify text, gif, jpeg, and png files for you. Error messaging is available in English, French, German, Dutch, Italian, and Finnish The current version features minor bug fixes, code cleanup and more language support, while remaining backward compatible with existing scripts.

reducedcomplexity uploader

reducedcomplexity uploader is an advanced upload script. You can set an administrators password, rename or autorename files to be uploaded, overwrite the file or quit the upload in case the file already exists. A maximum filesize can be set, error and confirmation messages are editable. It is easy to set up , can easily be placed inside any existing php-file and can be run with register_globals=Off. Several language files are included. Also provided is an administration utility for the upload folder which allows you to browse and delete the files in your upload-folder, show filesize, -date and image-properties. The script is designed as an administrators tool but may also be used on public websites.

phpRebel Uploader

upload multiple files at a time, upload only allowed file extensions, multiple users with their own directory , private (username / password) / anonimous upload, email notification of upload including files, directory, IP adress and hostname, create directories, create thumbnails for uploaded images, supported types include GIF, JPG, PNG, template sistem for easy integration with any application, fully customizable; view demo <a href="">here</a>

Harlem Designs Uploader

Designs uploader lets you upload files to your server from your website. Can upload files like: jpg, gif, png, zip, rar, ace, exe, html and php. Does not require mySQL.

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