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Title Simple CDONTS Mailer
Platform ASP
Price Free
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Website Visit Website of - Simple CDONTS Mailer
Category ASP » Scripts and Components » Email Systems
Hits 809
Description This consists of 3 simple .asp files that can be used for sending the contents of a form via email. Simple to use and can be easily customised to suit any need.


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Scripts Related to - Simple CDONTS Mailer

Script Name

swsMail POP Component

An ActiveX Dll component which allows you to retrieve and delete email messages on any standard POP3 mail server through your ActiveServer Pages (ASP) script. This server side component can also be used in any programming language which support Microsoft's COM object like Visual Basic and Windows Scripting Host.

Sending File from Client's Computer as Attachment

It is a program for emailing a file from the client's computer by email using CDONTS feature of ASP. No third party utility for uploading the file to the server is needed. Simple codes that need to be included for the execution of the program are also included. Of course, you require VB runtime library 5.0 to execute the program successfully. The script is flexible enough for attaching more than one file (though one file attachment is demonstrated). The email addresses etc are hardcoded here. So, you need to change these as per your requirements.


aspSmartMail allows you to add the email features in your web apps. Key features include: SMTP (sending) Messages, Plain text or HTML for the message's body, Priority settings, Carbon Copy (CC), Blind Carbon Copy (BCC), Reply-To, ConfirmReading and ReturnReceipt, US ASCII, ContentType headers, Custom headers, Multiple File Attachments, and MIME with BASE64.

Internal E-mail System

This application was developed for a intranet project, and would be useful for any small to medium sized organisation who use a Windows NT Server, or even just a Networked Windows 95 solution running the personal web server, and who want an e-mail system, but don't want the associated costs. This system could also be used for a community based website, as to allow members only to send email to other members. The system uses a MS Access database to store the user details and messages, but could be easily upsized to a SQL Server.

Dundas Mailer

Send E-Mail via ASP without CDONTS

This package includes ASP code to write e-mail messages to a file and a VB application that checks this file for messages at specified intervals and sends them. This solution is useful if you don't have CDONTS installed on your web server, or you want to send e-mail asynchronously without loading an object into IIS's process space. The included documentation explains how the solution works, how to implement it, and provides an example.


VSEmail is a simple SMTP email send component for Active Server Pages. Currently it does not support attachments or html. VSEmail was compiled using Delphi 5.

VisualSoft Mail

VisualSoft ActiveMail is a server-side COM component that helps send mail to specified recipients. It is an Active Server Component that can be used only in Active Server Pages (ASPs) without any software to be required. Using the VisualSoft ActiveMail component, the user can upload an attachment with the mail. It also facilitates Carbon Copies (CC), Blind Carbon Copies (BCC) and mails to multiple recipients. It also provides the feature of setting the expiry time for a mail.


SA-SMTPmail is a full-featured SMTP e-mail client component. This completely free component offers significantly better performance than other popular SMTP components. SA-SMTPmail is written in high-performance C++ and supports all threading models.

ASPMail Object

This object for MacromÚdia Dreamweaver 2 allows you to easily create an ASP script that creates server generated e_mail.

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