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Title Simple Affiliate
Platform n/a
Price $29.95
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Website Visit Website of - Simple Affiliate
Category Perl & CGI » Scripts and Programs » Affiliate Programs
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Description Simple Affiliate is a simple program that will get you started with your own affiliate program. Features include: Automatically set up new affiliates in seconds and have your affiliates up and selling for you right away, Assign an ID# to each new affiliate, Create a Web page for each new affiliate so that all sales that come in are stamped with each affiliates ID#, Automatically create HTML banner codes for your affiliates so they can place your banner on their Web pages, and more.


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Scripts Related to - Simple Affiliate

Script Name


Clickthru! is a full-feature tracking program written for website administrators to easily setup and manage click-throughs generated by their network of affiliates. It provides a weekly and monthly click-through tracking system, IP-address blocking and real-time account status checking.

The CreditGo Cookie

Give your referrers credit with a cookie. CreditGo Cookie sets your visitor a cookie with the referrer's assigned id and automatically redirects your visitor to your webpage. Great for tracking your visitors and originating referral source.

Amaz'n Book Club

My Amaz'n Book Club is script that allows individuals to share their favorite books with others. It allows visitors to your site to submit book reviews and recommendations. Visitors can also view the reviews and recommendations submitted by others. It includes the ability for a site administrator approve/modify/delete reviews via a web-based interface. Since Amaz'n Book Club makes it easy to link to specific books, you can earn 15% on each sale instead of 5%. Also, you'll get more traffic because people will follow the recommendations and reviews of others. It also features HTML-based templates and keyword searching for books with matching text in the review, author, and title fields.

Anaconda! Search - edition

Anaconda! Search - Amazon edition is a perl CGI script that dynamically searches the book database for keywords, and inserts the resulting book list into your sites pages on-the-fly. Individual book links are hardlinked with your Amazon associate code. It also allows you to log and track all of your users bookstore search requests. Anaconda! Search for Amazon works with,, and

Anaconda! - Amazon Hot 100

Anaconda! Hot 100 is a perl CGI script that dynamically retrieves the latest Hot 100 booklist, and inserts it into your sites pages on-the-fly. Individual book links are hardlinked with your Amazon associate code for the maximum commission.

Anaconda! eToys edition

Anaconda! eToys edition is a combination of Anaconda! Search *and* Anaconda! Pipeline for It allows you to integrate all search results, and pipeline the eToys brand pages (like Lego, Barbie, Crayola, and Star Wars), directly on your site, and all linking to eToys is done with your affiliate code for proper commission tracking.

Anaconda! Search - edition

Anaconda! Search - edition is a perl CGI script that dynamically searches the book database for keywords, and inserts the resulting book list into your sites pages on-the-fly. Your BNN affiliate code is used for both the search and successive individual book links.


This program allows you to install and manage an Age Verification System that accepts surfers who pay (or you can offer it free) and adult webmasters who sign-up and need protection against minors. The program comes with a credit card billing system and a built in security and cheat prevention.


This easy to use and setup system allows you to have webmasters sign-up to your Daily Mail program and send you sign-ups. You in turn pay the webmaster per confirmed email address. It also allows their owners to check all stats in real time and comes with a built-in email program that allows you to broadcast email to all agents or all subscribers.


Superclix is a clickthrough payout system cgi which allows you to effectively recruit and payout commissions to advertisers that send you banner clicks. Superclix features instant account activation, secure POST method banner code, and real time statistics. Negligable server load requirements. Ergonomic statistical interface allows zooming into sales records from year to day to sale. Exports payout schedules into flat file database. Offers multilevel commission structure to reward advertisers that recruit new advertisers.

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