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Title Simple PHP Contact Form
Platform n/a
Price Freeware
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Category PHP » Scripts and Programs » Form Processors
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Description Many newbie web designers want a way to put a contact form on their website but do not know how. Allowing visitors to contact you through your website is an important way to both allow quick contact and also helps to eliminate spam by hiding your email address from spambots. Unfortunately, many newbies attempt to use the "mailto" scheme as their form's action. This is bad for many reasons. Still others use what is called "Matt's Formmail" script for their form's action. This has been regarded as unsafe and certain versions of that script has "become a favorite tool of spammers". I've created a very simple and easy to use contact form system for use on some of my sites and it is now available as a download complete with instructions. This "system" comes with the complete code for the form, the script, and the redirect.


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Scripts Related to - Simple PHP Contact Form

Script Name

Webstef Form Mailer 2 En

A very good form (PHP all platforms) which check all field the way you specified very simple to work with . you receive a detailed text mail from your sender


marioz_PHPmail is an easy to customize form-to-email script with required fiels validator, a simple HTML layout 'table' for the recipient and a "thanks" page.Just put your e-mail address and you're done!


A Smarty powered forms framework. Adds support for a XHTML compliant set of tags, directly inspired from standard form tags, and allows you to skip most common steps implied in forms manipulation: - validation (javascript & server side) - data persistance (any validated field is automatically kept)

GPS::Contact-Us SDK

Provides drop in contact us capability to PHP web site. Basic PHP and HTML coding experience is required.


This is a Web-based form generator that allows you to create your own contact form, and choose the fields, lenght, default and caption. The geneated script can be downloaded after generation. To use the generated script, you will need PHP4. The Interactive Site is available in English and German and will create your form in English or German accordingly. These Features was added in the newer versions: - e-mail field validation function. - Improved to be used with register_globals=off - New and improved User-Interface - mandatory fields (Please don't believe the the first member rating here. It is far outdated)

PhPreview Form v2.1

PhPreview Formô is a simple yet professional looking addition to any web site. Designed for sites wanting an e-mail contact form with the ability to send an instant response! You can edit or add fields to the form as needed. Visitors can enter their details then preview and/or edit their message before sending. Easy to install, and now version 2.1 sends in HTML format! Your e-mail address is hidden from spam spiders too! Your web server MUST have PHP installed or it won't work.

BusinessForm By m.c

Great Business form which include 240 country selector and 14 fields fully customizable you decide how many character for every specifical fields print on the thank's page and... Freeware.


FormToEmail is a very simple form to email processor. It allows your visitors to fill out a form on your website and send their comments to you. It is contained in just one file, which will take you only a few minutes to install. You only need to add your email address to it. Can process any number of additional fields. It comes with its own form, which you simply copy into your own webpage. If you are new to web design, and you find forms confusing, then this is the one for you.

PHP CallBack

Give visitors to your website a chance to send you their details in a call back form. The visitor enters their Name and Telephone number and then the form sends you the details. This enables you to contact them by return. Full error checking and customisable.

Contact Form Script

This is a contact form which has the following features: - Checks that the e-mail address is in the a@b.c format. - Checks to make sure all fields are filled in. - Sends the users ip address and user agent in the e-mail. - Option to only lets users send a message every x seconds to avoid abuse. - Option to make the user enter a random security code from an image. - Option to redirect to url after successful sent mail. - Option to send copy of e-mail been sent to sender. - Option to have the subject as a drop down menu. - Option to select recipient from drop down menu. - If there is an error while trying to send the e-mail, it gives the user a link to launch their default email program with the e-mail address, subject and message already filled in, so all they have to do is click send.

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