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Title SilverCounter
Platform n/a
Price Free
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Website Visit Website of - SilverCounter
Category PHP » Scripts and Programs » Counters » General
Hits 720
Description SilverCounter is based on PHP and MySQL. Shows the number of total visitors, today's visitors and online users. In the Admin Control Panel you can modify: seconds for which a user is shown as online user; IP blockade, without IP blockade or how long an IP will be saved; total visitors and today visitors; HTML code of the counter; the code you need to integrate, the date of install and the actual news from are shown in the ACP. SilverCounter is very easy to install and handle. It's written in english and in german.


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Scripts Related to - SilverCounter

Script Name

ReAlLy Basic Hit Counter

This may be improved if people use it, we shall bring out auto updates so it may start recording ip, where the live and much much more! This is one to keep an eye on. It needs no database as like everything I create and is under 1 kb **Edit** Now has Ip blocking and Unique tracking, also it it made to look nicer **EDIT**

users counter

Include this script in the PHP pages of your web site in order to display the number of people that are viewing them. Before using this script remember to create a MySQL database for it (if you don't already have one), and to assign that name to $DataBaseName. Actually, remember to assign a value to all the initialization variables at the beginning of the script. < include("USERS.PHP"); > will keep count of the users accessing that page. The users() function will display all the users tracked by the script. users_on_this_page() will only display the ones on the current page.


Use this script to show how many people are currently surfing your website at any given moment. Great for statistical means and also just to give your site a cool look by impressing your visitors.

eCounters - Free Website Statistics

eCounters is the best web site tracking service on the web, and is much more than just a simple free hit counter. eCounters will track your detailed web site statistics (hits, page views, and more) around the clock and you can check them at any time using a web browser from anywhere in the world!

EP-Dev Counter

EP-Dev is one the most option-packed counters on the internet. Online Visitors/Daily Visitors/Total Visitors/Total Hits counting. Both file and mysql databases supported. Easy-edit counter display file. Automatic Database Trimming (file & mysql). Configurable Online Time, Auto Archive Option, Hit Offset Feature, notation format (none/english/french), Graphical or Text, configurable Number Length, IP Ignore/block, hide counter option, time offset, and statistic viewing (averages, stats, graphs).


phphits is a PHP/MySQL-based, multiple-page visitor counter script. Features: user-friendly setup tool, 3 modes (text - image - invisible), number of visitors (in total - during the last x hours - currently online), traffic logging, IP lock, customizable HTML log file, statistics, reset tool, control center, and much more.

Krazy Kenny's Kounter

This is a Graphic PHP / MySQL counter which will return HTML image for total page loads, count of unique TCP/IP visits, or loads by the currently visiting TCP/IP. Feel free to contact me for installation help. Updated with a site-wide function which counts all unique TCP/IPs in the database.

Kyles World Hit Counter

This is hits counter script. It is very basic and easy to use. It's also extremely easy to setup, just view the README file for installation instructions.


txtPHPCounter is a simple script that can display: Total Hits, Unique Hits, and Hits from each unique Visitor in either text OR graphical mode. It can also output a list of all the visitors. Everything is stored in text files.


HCHitCounter allows you to display the number of hits of a particular page using one of three modes of output (images/text/invisible). With 7 different styles of images to display, you will find one to suit your website. You can even add your own digits very easily. Logs the hits to a flat-file database, so no MySQL, PostgresSQL, or MSSQL database is required.

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