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  • ClickCartPro (CCP) - $179.99
    CCP is a full featured shopping cart engine that will install on virtually any webserver, and does not require root access or special modules. The entire software package uses SQL and a relational database model, which allows tie-ins to many RDBMS (MySQL, PostgreSQL, Microsoft SQL Server, etc.). It runs out of the box in CSV mode. 100% of the front-end and web based administrator is configurable using its 200+ functions. Features: multi-level categories, product downloads, data import/export, easy product option and relationship management, dynamic form and page generation, easy site layout editing, file uploads, discounts, order tracking, keyword search, flexible shipping with UPS integration or default and custom methods. Integrated with 28 payment processors including PayPal. Offline processing included.
  • AgoraCart aka Agora.cgi - Free ( GPL )
    A full featured free shopping cart system. Features: SSL support, image uploading, multiple sales taxes, online order logs, customer and admin order confirmations, UPS, USPS, FedEx real-time shipping, custom shipping logic, handling fees, product options, flexible order forms, flatfile database with import/export functions, discount logic, static or dynamic product pages, product options editor, discount manager, user fields for use in custom libraries for affiliate programs net profit tracking, cross browser scripting security, ability to run without a database, and several real-time and manual payment options including SIM, LinkPoint Basic, eWay, PayPal, iTransact, AgoraPay, PsiGate, Plug N Pay, Verisign PayFlow Link, 2Checkout, multiple payment options and more. Also comes with a powerful online store manager with many more tools.
  • Skinny Cart - GPL
    A cookie-based ecommerce cart (using Matt Wright's "Cookie.lib" for the cookie handling), Skinny Cart takes simple form input, calculates total weights, quantity and price of ordered goods; calculates simple postage costs, accepts credit card inputs and uses email to notify both the customer and purchaser that a purchase has been made. SSL is available via a SSL-capable server and setting the SSL bit in the Cookie.lib. Tested on Apache with Redhat, FreeBSD and Debian.
  • PLEXCART X3 - Online eCommerce Store - Free Trial/$30 - $600
    Your complete eCommerce and shopping cart solution for online web stores of all sizes. PLEXCART X3 makes the management of your online store easier so you have more time to devote to building your business instead of spending all of your time running it!
  • HostingCart - $119
    Zaygo HostingCart is a complete shopping cart, designed especially for ISPs and hosting companies. It includes an integrated domain name search. Customers can buy hosting plans on their own or associated with a specific domain name. You can define hosting plans with names and prices, and choose prices for domain name registration in different TLDs for 1-10 years. Features: transfer domain function, with ownership check; customisable order emails to you and purchasers; automatic price and tax calculation; easy web-based admin and installation; Free downloadable HTML themes or design your own look using simple HTML templates; and upgradable with plugins for automatic domain registration, credit card processing, domain name wizards, and faster searching.
  • Aardvark Cart - $1499
    Maintain a shopping destination by targeting various items, presented in unique templates, to your site visitors. Offer special discounts to certain member groups to encourage loyalty and strong sales. Includes support for multiple shipping options, order history, product modifiers (size, color, etc), gift certificates, as well as other key features. Price includes Aardvark Catalog.
  • WebGenie Shopping Cart Professional
    Create your own Internet store with this integrated, fully customizable on-line catalog and electronic shopping system. It supports multiple languages (English, French, German, Spanish, Norwegian, Portuguese and more). Features include: Fully functional catalogs, created via simple mouse clicks, Insert the cart into one of your own, existing pages, Price, tax and delivery calculations, In-built UPS delivery charge calculator, Mandatory field checking before mailing the order to the vendor, Cybercash interface, Order tracking and data administration options and more.
  • Surf Shop - $169.50
    A fully customizable online store shopping cart program. Installs on virtually any Unix shared hosting account without Telnet, C Libraries and system access -- all you need is FTP. Plug-in scripts available for PayPal IPN, AuthorizeNet AIM, others. Complete browser admin, search engine, customer Sign-in, gift certificates, unlimited shipping options and calculations, and more. QuickBooks support. Can use MySQL, DBM or ASCII text databases.
  • SPADS Apple Cart v8.0 - 99.95
    Apple Cart v8.0 By Popular Request we have updated our program to include - SIM - Processing method (No SSL) and to accommodate shop keepers who only have a few items to sell and want to by pass the cart itself and go directly to check out to enter there credit card info. I have also added many options for versatility, like adding thumbnail product Images to the cart and extra shipping forms ( Great for Gift and Card shops ) with message field, also added two (2) special instructions fields that can be used for various products, (Gift Certificates, Monograms, Engraving, etc.) and Now a User can Upload Images to the cart ( Great for Specialty, Print and Photo shops ) with Multiple Store locations option for customer pick up, and or order processing!!
  • HiShop
    HiShop is an online product display solution, combined with a complete shopping basket / cart utility. This allows the website owner to easily manage their online shop, and for customers to browse & select products, for online purchase. Online shop owners can easily update their stock, add new stock categories, set prices, add photos all online via secure, intuitive web interfaces. Online shop users can browse products for sale, plus add, remove and adjust items in their basket / cart.
  • Electronic Digital Download Application - 49.00
    Secure Electronic Digital Download Application. This application can be interfaced with most current eCommerce websites. Full running demo. Complete requirements, installation and operation documentation available to read on-line.
  • Dansie Shopping Cart
    Dansie Shopping Cart has been designed to handle almost every electronic commerce need. Some of its main features include unlimited number of items, multiple payment options (Secure Online Credit Card Transaction, Credit Card Transaction Via Telephone, Online Check Draft, Check or Money Order, COD - Credit On Delivery), built-in search engine, thumb-nail images of your products, printable customer receipts, volume discount pricing, and sales tax and shipping charges calculations.
  • Simple Virtual Store
    This script writes every order into the database and sends administrater the confirmation. Administrater can view or delete the order entries from its password protected and SSL secure control panel.
  • i-shop.cgi - Free
    i-shop.cgi is a modification of Selena Sol's Web Store.cgi and Richie Carey's Commerce.cgi Version 1.01. It's a full shopping cart system with pages that are dynamically created from a flat file database. i-shop.cgi incorporates features of both scripts along with improved features and functions contributed by users of both versions.
  • I-Shop PRO - $59
    I-Shop Pro is an enhanced version of the free I-Shop online store CGI script. Like I-Shop it is an easy to install and easy to maintain CGI script to enable you to run your own store on your site. The only requirement is the ability to run CGI scripts and edit HTML. I-Shop PRO offers browser based management, customer tracking, emailing, order tracking, muti-tax capable and more. There are 2 versions available: Standard I-Shop PRO and Canadian "Multi-Tax" versions.
  • I-Merchant - $99
    Based on the I-Shoppro script, I-Merchant utilizes real-time credit card authorization, utilizing the AuthorizeNet Payment Gateway. An unlimited number of products can be handled easily with its user friendly back-end management feature. I-Merchant is available in 2 versions, Single and Multiple Sales tax.
  •'s shopping cart system. - 299.95's shopping cart system is a feature packed shopping cart that will allow you to fully customize it to fit the look and feel of your current website. Through the use of templates, you are not restricted to the look and layout that our designers come up with. Change as little or as much as you need in order to make the cart flow easily with your site. You will be able to add an unlimited number of items with an unlimited number of options all at the same time.
  • Paypal Shopping Cart and eBay auction software - Version 1.0 - Free. Current version&nbs
    Paypal Shopping Cart is designed to accept PayPal and eBay auction payments. It supports multiplie categories and up to 5 levels of subcategories. Supports multiple products, custom total price calculation, discount pricing, multiple images and thumbnails upload, HTML order page generator, and instant paypal payment notification- IPN. Include e-mailing tool for convenient communication with the customers.
  • QCart - $80
    A Shopping Cart that makes shopping Quick and Easy. Create your own custom order forms then link to the script. All products calculated in real time! All fields stored, searchable and updatable via the admin section. Includes customized/personalized formmail Autoresponders, dozens of options and requires no cookies. Product code generated for you to insert into your HTML pages, option to set cookies for products
  • ECTOOLS Onlineshop - US$ 116,39
    ECTOOLS Onlineshop contains a trackingsystem, to let your customers watch their order status. Easy to set up, easy data-upload, easy picture-upload easy administration and many other features like extended sales-stats and much more. This is a german version with only one template to modify to fit to the design of your homepage

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