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Title ServletHTMLCode generator
Platform Win NT, Windows 2000 with IIS, Win 95/98 with PWS
Price Freeware
Author Visit Author Website
Website Visit Website of - ServletHTMLCode generator
Category ASP » Scripts and Components » Miscellaneous
Hits 778
Description This tool allows you to generate ServletHTML Code using simple ASP. The files whose content that need to be changed should reside within the server.


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Script Name

Daily Calorie Needs Calculator (ASP Version)

Given your gender, age, weight, height, and the activity level, this script helps you figure out how many calories you should be consuming to maintain your weight. This is based on the health advice content from RDHealth, and thus use this tool at your own risk. This tool is also available in a PHP and JSP version.

Porting of some (little) PHP functions

Here you will find porting of some functions not available in Vbscript such as urldecode, base64_decode, bin2hex, and md5. No component to install.


a1asp.fin is a component that provides a set of functions for financial calculations.


a1asp.uuidgen is a component that generates UUIDs (Universal Unique Identifiers).

Active Map

Active Map allows you to add a searchable web-based map to your site. Visitors type in a location and he is shown where it is in the map. The map can be moved in different directions, and includes the option to zoom or resize it. Features include: Create unlimited depth categories and location, add unlimited number of maps. Uses Access or MS SQL database.

JillyBoel Spambot Foiler

Spambots harvest your site for email addresses. One way to stop this type of abuse it to feed the harvesters invalid email address. This script creates invalid email addresses. It also creates links back to the original script, trapping the spambot into harvesting hundreds of invalid email addresses. It is recommended that you create a robots.txt file to prevent innocent search engines from indexing this content.


PortalPageFilter makes your dynamic ASP Web site look to the outside as if it were static - thus enabling spiders to index your entire site, vastly increasing visibility. On the inside, however, you don't have to change your ASP code.

Online Wizard for Converting HTML Table to Delimited Text File

This is an ASP/DHTML-designed online wizard for converting HTML table to text file with user specified delimiter. You may use this wizard to convert html table generated from SQL Server in an internet or an intranet system to text file with a user specified delimiter. A link between SQL Server and an internet/intranet creates real_time and user_defined information from SQL Server. Additionally, webmaster or administrator can save this text file as plain text file for unix system database, since user already specified the delimiter for this file. You can further extend the functionality of this wizard to build a query from database as recordset. That enables you to work with multiple tables and views to create your own text report.

Midtown Manhattan Address Finder

This script allows you to find a cross street within three blocks of any address in Midtown Manhattan. It takes input in the form of an NYC avenue address like: 660 Lexington Avenue and returns a cross street within 3 short blocks of the address like: 55th street.

W3Info Object

This component allows you to query remote servers for the server software installed, default document of the base location as well as retrieves the HTTP version used by the Web server on the remote location.

Google Search


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