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  • AutoControlProLinux - Free Trial/$499.00
    A set of PHP scripts to setup and manage your hosting customer account on Red Hat Fedora. The program allows for both manual and completely automated set up of websites for customers who fill in a form and pay online. Your customers get an easy to use User Control Panel offering functionality and convenience. Other features include easy password, user and email setup, browser based crontab setup, web based file manager, MySQL database setup and administration, password protected directories, statistics, SSL setup, trouble ticket system.
  • MD2 Wap Server Status - $10
    The MD2 server status system is an easy way to view the online status of your server anywhere in the world. Using PHP and WAP technology we have produced a simple but effective way of monitoring your server on the go.
  • Website Uptime Monitoring Notification - Free (GPL)
    A performance monitoring and uptime notification tool. This script is very easy to setup and use. Script will check if your website is up, and check the response time of the site also. You can then choose to receive an email notification if the site is down, or if the site response time is too high. All results are also written to a daily log file. You can check as many websites as you wish, all URL's are stored in a separate text file for easy updating. Web Site Monitoring - Performance Monitoring is open-source and released under the GPL license. Runs on any os that supports perl.
  • PHP server status checker
    displays the status of Website Ftp MySQL Telnet SSH for as many server as you need. Very easy and small.
  • All-around Server Status Script - GPL (Free)
    All-around Server Status Script is a script that checks service status, namely : Primary and Secondary DNS, POP3, SSH, SSL, IMAP, HTTP, MySQL, SMTP, DHCP and FTP.
  • VHCS - free control panel for linux - freeware
    VHCS - Virtual Hosting Control System Professional - FREEWARE appliance that provides complete hosting automation for Linux platforms. VHCS Professional offers a easy-to-use graphical interface for Admin, Reseller and Domain Owner levels and complete functionality to manage the server and its components. Maximize your data center prodiktivity and Return-on-Investment
  • PHP Server & Environment Information - Free
    PHP Info will tell you all you need to know about the environment of your server, and the PHP that is installed on you server. You will also find valuable information about where
  • statsLITE Server Monitor - Freeware
    statsLITE was made because I looked around for a program to watch my server stats, that was simple but did what I wanted it to. So I made this program, with the help of a few other programs that I looked at. It is a simple 2 file program or 4 if you want to use the main page and the e-mail function made for a cron tab or a task scheduler for windows.
  • PHP-Manager - Freeware
    The PHPManager, now in the version 4.2, is simple a useful tool for Linux server administrators over more users a possibility their Web space and data base memory to administer. The PHPManager can be also used thereby one its homepage always on the newest stood to hold without at the server to sit. It's look like Windows XP so it's very easy to use it, because the functions are simular to Eindows XP.
  • Easy Site Monitor - Free
    Monitor and display the uptime percentage and downtime events for multiple web servers. This program uses a MySQL database and has an administrator area. CRON capability is required
  • Sysinfo - Free
    Sysinfo is a simple PHP script that allows you to view your Windows NT server info from anywhere in the world. Needs no installation. Just unpack the file and place anywhere on your webserver. You can customize the layout. Shows disk, memory, apache, counter logs, etc. etc.
  • Server Monitor - GPL
    This is a simple script to monitor a list of ports from a list of domains
  • Flat File Disk Monitor
    Add all your users/sites and there paths to the CSV file and you will be able to log in and view a pie chart of your sites disk usage.
  • cP Account Creator
    This script allows users to add an email account, a MySQL database, FTP user, and create a subdomain all with one simple form. There is no skin, just simply add the contents of several files to you existing pages. There is a very simple admin area that allows deletion of accounts and viewing of the account information. The latest version allows for the incorporation of a few user requested mods that add new features such as adding a password protected directory to the users directory and sending welcome emails. There is also a mod to disable email account creation, while other functions remain enabled. This script is extremely flexible and , there have been few bugs reported. This script is likely to remain Beta since functions are added often.
  • WHMSubs - Freeware
    Software allows you to automate the creation of cPanel Regular User Accounts, Sub-Resellers User Accounts, easily Bill them, provide a Support Ticket System and register domains on-the-fly! You can manage as many cPanel Servers and Hosting Plans as you want! This software is the ideal solution for any hosting business using cPanel
  • Zanarckie Control Panel - Freeware
    This cp is a simple mix of scripts that lets users sign up, then upload, delete, and rename files. The users are stored in a MySQL database. Easy to customize, and simple to use.
  • RogeR's Server Status Script - Free GPL
    This simple PHP script will attempt to connect to port 80 on a server and if port 80 is unresponsive the script will send out an e-mail to a specified e-mail address. The script will check multiple sites and send alerts to multiple e-mail addresses. If you want the alert sent to your cell phone, this script will work great. Included is a list of all the e-mail addresses used to send text messages to your cell phone.
  • Hybodus Network Monitor > Real Time Network and Server Monitoring Software - $99
    Hybodus is a Network Monitoring Application written in PHP and MySQL. It can monitor over 30 services such as HTTP, FTP, IMAP, SMTP, POP3, SSH, TELNET and many more. Hybodus allows you to graph bandwidth usage, TCP connections, Hard Disk Usage, Memory Usage and much more. Hybodus has a built-in alerting system that can notify you via Pager, Cell Phone, AOL Instant Message, E-Mail or Built-in Private Message. Hybodus alerts you when a service or a server is unreachable. Avoid unwanted downtime by being aware of your networkĘs status. Compatible with Windows or Linux systems, allowing virtually anyone to use Hybodus to monitor their network!
  • ServerStats - Freeware
    Allows you to check all important ports of a server. Simple PHP script. Just unzip, make a directoy, copy and go
  • Website Monitoring Directory
    Website monitoring directory based on type of program. Easy to use search to find the right monitoring program for your needs. All sites are reviewed before being included, to ensure only high-quality website monitoring programs are included.

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