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  • Things to Do With IIS
    A senior IIS admin shares his experience and describes top 10 things to do to improve IIS, which are "Customize Your Error Pages", "Dive into the MetaBase", "Add spell checking to your URLs", "Rewrite your URLs", "Add browser detection", "Gzip site content", "Cache your content", "Tune your server", "Secure your server with simple fixes" and "Patch, patch, patch!".
  • Mask Your Web Server for Enhanced Security
    Masking or anonymizing a Web server involves removing identifying details that intruders could use to detect your OS and Web server vendor and version. This information, while providing little or no utility to legitimate users, is often the starting place for crackers, blackhat hackers and "script kiddies". This article explores some ways you can minimize the risk of such detection. Most of the examples focus on MicrosoftÆs Internet Information Server (IIS), since it has been most widely lambasted for its vulnerabilities, but some Apache detection countermeasures are also covered. While IIS users probably have the most vested interest here, server anonymization is relevant to anyone responsible for administering a Web server.
  • Ten Things to Do With IIS
    Rather than whining about rude Apache admins, this article provides some tips tips for making the most of your IIS.
  • View Your Web Servers Log Files With ASP
    This article describes a simple way to create an ASP page that will allow you to view your web servers log files in a standard web page across the Internet. You will be able to choose which log file to view, the format of the log file, and the number of individual log entries to display. This article assumes you are proficient with ASP and have access to a Windows 2000 web server running IIS. The support file available for download.
  • Installing Personal Web Server to run ASP
    Before you can test Active Server Pages on your development PC, you need a web server. This article gives step-by-step instructions (literally) on how to install and configure Microsoft's Personal Web Server on Windows 98.
  • Managing NT Scheduling Service through a Web Interface
    A step-by-step article on creating the functions and ASP files you'll need to schedule and monitor tasks remotely on your server. Using ASP, SQL Server, ASPExec, and the Windows Scripting Host, it provides a brief description of each of the steps involved.
  • Restarting PWS - Free
    Did your PWS freeze up your machine just because you forgot an RS.MoveNext? Learn to restart your PWS without restarting your machine.

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