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Title Sendmail Emulator
Platform ALL
Price FREE
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Website Visit Website of - Sendmail Emulator
Category Perl & CGI » Scripts and Programs » Email Systems » Email Utilities
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Description This small script will allow you to emulate Sendmail on your server. Perfect for users who's server does not have Sendmail but does have access to SMTP. This script can be used in place of Sendmail. If you have a Perl script or any software that can only use Sendmail, then this is the script for you!


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Scripts Related to - Sendmail Emulator

Script Name

Email Protector

Easy to install and easy to use, email protector is an excellent solution to defeat spam bots and email grabbers while providing a snazzy method of allowing your site's visitors to email your of any or your company officers. Email Protector stores your email addresses, names, and company roles in a flatfile database in a protected cgi-bin subdirectory. It will also produce your html form for you to simply paste into your html documents where you wish to place your contact form. All you need for this program is a cgi-bin directory and sendmail installed with your web hosting provider.

Perl version of PHP mail()

This is a great little subroutine for PHP coders who are working on Perl projects. It attempts to mirror the functionality of the PHP mail() function in Perl without requiring you to deal with manually opening a pipe to sendmail and printing the message to the pipe.


Email piping is a powerful technique, which allows advanced on-the-server email processing such as sending an auto response, submitting help desk ticket, subscribing the sender to a newsletter, spam filtering etc. Unfortunately the email piping feature is not available with each and every hosting account. If your hosting provider does not support email piping, you may use an alternate technique - pop3 account polling. The idea is pretty simple: poll an external POP3 account on a regular basis, retrieve email messages (if any), execute an email processing program and feed the message text to the program's standard input.

Dansie Anti Spam

A server-side anti-spam email filtering solution. Moves spam out of your pop email account and into a quarantine file so you don't have to download or read it. Powerfully accurate filters you define and control through a web browser. Filters are based upon a "point system" where bad words or phrases get negative points and good words or phrases get positive points. Messages scoring below the Quarantine Score Limit will be quarantined. You control all the words/phrases, points and scoring.


SpamManager is a handy tool for editing your SpamAssassin PLUS procmail files. Just login and decide to delete all mails marked as spam. And while your at it, raise or lower the spam points. Do you want to blacklist emailaddresses? No problem at all. This Perl script has been tested thoroughly and should be used in workgroup enviroments, companies and ISP.

iPaid4Clicks +iReplikate+iMailingList +iPaidEmail+iRebilling PRO

a complete collection of CGI scripts that will allow you to run a highly profitable Paid-4-Clicks website with complete control of it at the touch of a button. It comes with a complete and very useful members section, advertisers section and also a fully complete web based back-end administration section. With features like login information recovery tool, built-in members and advertisers mailer, built-in anti-cheat mechanism and much more, this script has a $59.95 MSRP. ......... * iReplikate: Complete Multi-Level-Marketing Website Script * iMailingList - Complete Mailing List Script * iPaidEmail - Complete Paid 4 Email Website Script * iRebilling PRO - Complete Rebilling Website Script

Email Them

This program is a unique formless email sending and logging program. It uses a list of "sponsors" and email addresses that you maintain via the administration area. It creates a log entry when someone clicks a link to send email to one of these sponsors, but does not use a form - the visitors own email client opens to send the email directly. It also incorperates methods to help foil email address stealing robots, and can be used as a simple replacement for mailto: links.

DMZS SpamAssassin sa-learn/MAIL::IMAPClient

With many people all utilizing the same mail resources, a method for integrating the learning of all users spam that wasn't flagged properly was needed. Searching google I found several good resources on setting up & using imap and sa-learn, however all (that i have found) have the processing happen assuming Spamassassin & the imap server were located on the same machine. If you have a secured network or a large network, you will most likely have your MTA/Virus/Spam functions on separate servers from the users mail servers. To solve this problem I integrated perl Mail::IMAPClient into a quick script that works with sa-learn. This allows your spamassassin host to be any server and connect to one (or many, easily modified...hmm) central imap server(s) and process spam & ham classifications according to the users of those systems.


Sophos PureMessage protects organizations against viruses, spam and other email-borne security threats. Combining industry-leading anti-virus and anti-spam technologies with flexible policy management and world-class support, PureMessage is the most comprehensive, flexible and mature mail filtering solution for businesses.

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