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Title Sendmail
Platform n/a
Price Free
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Category PHP » Scripts and Programs » Form Processors
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Description This script receives all $HTTP_GET_VARS from another page form, when submitted, and sends the email to the address provided. There are some required fields and you may add as many more as you like. They will all be sent to the designated inbox. Fully customisable.


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Scripts Related to - Sendmail

Script Name


phpFormGenerator is an easy-to-use tool to create reliable and efficient web forms. No programming of any sort is required. It has the ability to create up to 100 form fields, and to add a variety of field types including text boxes, drop down selection menus, check boxes, radio buttons, passwords, freeform text areas, and file upload!. All field types are highly customizable. The form data can be sent to a provided email address, or stored in a database table (currently MySQL). A file-based database system is also provided for those who don't have access to a MySQL database server. Also included is an administration portal to be used with the stored form data. This management tool works with both the MySQL database and the file-based database created by the program.


Alley-e-form is a php contact form for webmasters, It allows you to set different email addresses for each part of your web site, allowing error reports or general enquires to be directed to its own email account. Some configuring is required by admin for multiple categories. Version 1.1 will include an admin setup.


Designed to be simple, yet flexible and secure, SCForm features easy installation and configuration; single and multiple recipients that are completely hidden from web scrapers; remote host and IP tracking, even through proxies, and optional, powerful ban list support.

Php contact form

This easy script is one page with the fields, error messages for the required fields and a thank you message when the form is filled out correctly all in php.

Reload Preventer

Small class for preventing that data is send more that one time by a user if he presses Reload on his browser by setting a token that is written to the session and also placed as a hidden filed in a form. If those two values aren't the same, you get a boolean false by the isValid() function.

MD Contact

Are your visitors fed up of having to use that mailto: link which was so yesterday Well this program could solve your problems. The visitors can click on the link to contact you and the program which will present them with a form which they just fill in and send. Easy as that. But for your benifit, if they havn't filled in a bit of the form or they havn't entered a valid address, the program will return the form to the user and ask them to correct their mistake. The latest version also comes with an optional auto responder.

Cube Mailer

A free anonymous mailer that features HTML Ready and Reply-To function. Version 2.0 features CC and some other new enhancements.


This is a php-based formmail script smiliar to the of Matt`s Scripts. The script sends you the content of a form via mail. Only need to create some forms and make the 3 required fields.


wizMail is a small PHP script that allow people to send e-mail to you by filling in simple forms. E-mail would not be sent unless all the forms are appropriately filled in. Easy to setup and use. Please refer to readme file. Includes sender's IP address at the end of messege.


br_form2mail is a light-weight, powerful and easy to use script programmed with the basic web designer in mind. This script allows you to get a HTML form from your website to your inbox. I have also gave you the power to set up required fields along with many validation types, to ensure the users' input is correct before getting your inbox. Validation types include: blank, email, letters, numbers and age.

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